Meryl Mägi


So as I am rather trying to get really firm and fit for Summer and not lose any weight at all, I don't go running often, but once a week max. As I have
no gym membership for May then I have been doing squats, abs etc at home on the carpet basically every evening without any weights for 2-3 months now and eventhough this has shown significant results already, it's so hard to jump and move a lot in this squeaky house. So I found myself a new love - I will run once or twice in week 1/3 of the usual road I jog on and stop by the lake. Then I will do different and active butt excercises until I'm out of breath basically and then run back home. Did this just an hour ago with the setting sun and it was amazing, as I said a new found love - nature butt workout!! Other evenings I will just continue what I'm been doing in the house. But of course can't wait to get the gym membership back at my hometown in Estonia for the Summer. Too much motivation in me to just stand by during Summer. Seeing your body change to better is worth it all.

27 maj 2015 21:17 | OTHER |


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