Meryl Mägi


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Pink coat - BikBok, Shoes - CCC, Jeans - Topshop, Crop Top - H&M, Sunglasses - Lindex

Pink coat - the Spring dream, but I wish I could be wearing shorter, lighter things by's middle of the May and I have no problem uploading an outfit post with a coat because the weather is exactly the same as it was on the beginning of April when we took those with Paul. I remember last year at the same time I was sunbathing on a beach in Trelleborg, now I'm driving to school with a sweater and a leather jacket. At least it's not raining, right!?
Okay enough with the weather haha, The outfit is white & pink with silver details so it looks really soft. The flowers are from my boyfriend but by the time we could take the photos they were a bit gone already. Hope it doesn't show much on pictures. And the shoes, my new absolute favourites are from a shop in Poland and I'm forever grateful that my mom found them there haha. They were sold out everywhere and Poland the miracle land had them! Gonna wear them into pieces this Summer and Summer's to come, so comfortable and chic!

I'm off to lecture now, have a nice week and I'll keep you updated with news! Oh and I also deleted all the spams so I will open my comment section as soon as I know there won't be more. You can still comment but I have to approve them first right now. <3


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