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Hey readers! Unfortunately my blog has been under some spam-virus for a few days now and I don't want to post until I've complteley dealt with this issue. I have been deleting hundreds of spams under my posts (since my comment section was until now public) and I will write the Devote team in the morning. Maybe you have noticed some really strange spams under my posts and I'll just let you know I'm dealing with it.
Will be back posting in 1-2 days probably!
Oh and I also wanted to say that Joonas has been scoring 5 goals in last 2 games now. More in total of course and showed that it is possible to get up from a huge fall in career and prove yourself by fighting in your hometown team eventhough it is weaker than other teams in Estonian top league and now he has gone testing in a huge club in Budapest, Hungary. I am so so very proud of him, he has built himself up again from zero and deserves everything he always wanted now. Even if he won't get the contract from Hungary he will go testing to a whole lot of strong football clubs. I am beyond excited what life brings us two eventhough I will of course continue my studies in Sweden. Wish him all the best in Hungary and I will keep you updated!


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