Meryl Mägi


Sweater - Noisy May/ Nelly, Shoes - DinSko, Fur Bag - River Island, Sunglasses - Lindex

May may may...well 1st of May was bad. Since it was my first Valborgs, I had no limits and was really out yesterday so I will make a more specific post about it tomorrow.
Today was already May-like warm but still the wind is so cold and exactly year ago we were already sunbathing on Trelleborg's beach with J..years can differ so much in the same place. So I had planned an outfit shoot today but my housemates got lost in the woods (hahaha) and got back so late that we had to take them during half-time of my boyfriend's match which I was watching live coverage of. He scored a hat trick (as in 3 goals) today and they won 3-0. So proud of him!
The outfit itself goes right in to same hole with the previous one but is matched this time with a really sporty sweater, thigh-high socks and cut-out boots. Threw all of my hair back to make it look plain and added my long-time favourite purple lipstick to add some other colour other than B&W.
Also got my research question in tact so now there is left to do the whole research proposal and I'm university free and yes, no more thigh-high outfits, moving on to next topic.

Anyway, hope you like the outfit as much as I do and talk to you tomorrow! Have a nice weekend!


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