Meryl Mägi


Shirt & Bag & Bracelet & Necklace (longer one) - H&M, Skirt - Missguided, Shoes - CCC, Sweater - Ginatricot

Finally the weather in Skåne barely allowed me to post an outfit with bare legs (like it should be in May normally). It stopped raining and suddenly it felt like Summer and I used this good weather quick. May is and will always ve my favourite month of the year with its pink trees shedding pink flowerbits and everything blooming, aaah the smell of Spring in the morning makes me sooo so happy. Especially here in the countryside of Dalby where birds are extra loud and everything smells extra good. Besides the long-legged spider-looking thingies flying around in may and Summer, I am terrified to my bones of them and spiders. I feel like ai will never get rid of this deep fear for them, no matter how old I am.
Now I'm gonna do some seminar stuff and chill in front of the TV, cause it's Eurovision week!! Also my sincerest apology for my nail polish disaster, a girl in a hurry with 10 minutes time to get dressed and take photos..not gonna happen again haha!


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