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Now that is a long post...but it's 5th of May! And that means...

3 years with him!!! I can't believe how far we've made it already, but that's just the beginning!

People say you might have an ideal imagination of a boyfriend stuck in your head but once you meet someone your ideals will change completely and you won't care about the qualities you cared about before. In my case that is not true, I had an image and I've gotten to date my ideal for 3 years now. I have found exactly, point by point the one I was looking for - the guy who looks hot, plays professional soccer, has tattoos and is stylish. These are some qualities but the superficial ones. More importantly he has the biggest heart, loves and cuddles with all animals from hamsters to sheep, always counts me in in his life plans, is drop dead funny, smart, indenpendent, ambitious, makes me push harder in school and training and everything, has taught and showed me life I had no idea of before, treats me like a princess, has always time for me and doesn't feel the need to go out all the damn time but has a lot more going on in his life. He has made me a whole new person who I can be proud of and I am truly truly blessed to have found him.
I can say proudly that we are an example couple of how distance, huge changes in life and fights can never tear us down. They make us even more invincible and nothing can and will come between. Although we got to live together just for over a year only, the distance still doesn't matter cause every hour spent with him is worth the 2-3 month wait. We are this goofy, childish, funny, but determined couple and it seems we will never stop being such fun fools, having the time of our lives together. It's insane how much we've empowered and grown together and I hope we can be in the same country again soon!

At least 70 years more honey haha, let's do this! I love you! <3

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