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Hey all! It's been a busy few days for me since I've had a lot of research proposal stuff to do, but as I said I will keep you updated with everything that's going on. So for me the week has consisted of shopping for summer and schoolwork. I will put together a collage today of the key items I needed (and bought) in my wardrobe this Summer, these were a MUST before anything else right now. The proposal is going well for me, I'm really happy I chose a topic that has tons of background material but also has some gaps that need to be filled and that's exactly what my proposal
proposes haha. Oh and in case you are wondering about my topic then it's "Impact of natural hazards on small nations' tourism sector. The case study of the islands of Vanuatu".
So about J now who went testing in a Hungarian football club. They loved him and after they've finished their last matches, they want to call him back for more because now he could stay only for 3 trainings, but I am so happy he made a good impression with such short time! He's my talented bae.
And last, I can't make up Summer plans yet because they all depend on how J is doing with football, but what I know now for sure is that J is coming to Sweden on 7th of June, I'll finish my
university year on 5th, we will drive to Stockholm with on 8th and take a cruise ship to Estonia. I will stay in Estonia for the Summer but I will definitely travel somewhere and maybe stay with J for a month in another country if he goes there and I have tiny plans like Weekend Festival and so planned too, but nothing significant cause I just can't. That's the life of a soccer girlfriend apparently. Can't wait to see everyone, just 20 days left!! Miss my friends, J and home a lot!

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