Meryl Mägi


On the right: Leather Jackets - HERE & HERE
                    Floral Clothing - Playsuit HERE, Bodycon Dress HERE & Skater Dress HERE
                    Peep-Toe Shoes - HERE

On me (left): Leather Jacket - Zara
            Boots - Nelly
            Dress - HERE

Heyyaa! A while back I had a collaboration with a new store in Viljandi called Motion (look up the collaboration and dresses HERE) and when styling the dresses I had to also model for, I found myself this combination of a floral dress, leather jacket and peep-toe boots and fell in love. Kind of a punky look with a touch of girly to it. I don't usually like floral patterned clothing much, it makes me look so much younger and just doesn't feel right but when I added these details, floral got a whole new meaning to me. Now I like that pattern a lot and I think this kind of outfit is perfect for late Spring night out and maybe even a bit chillier summer nights. Instead of a dress you can also wear a floran twin set or a jumpsuit. So there you go, a combination of punky and girly for you for tonight! Also send me links of the photos of you wearing floral jumpsuits/dresses in a cooler way! Would love to see it!



Jeans - Topshop, Jacket - Zara, Shoes - Nelly, Turtleneck - oldie, Fur Bag - River Island

A quick B&W outfit of the day, snapped by the very helpful housemate Sabine. I have this eternal love for turtlenecks and having my hair sit inside the collar of them. Now I have some reading, jogging, working out and grocery (and cake haha) shopping planned for the rest of the day. Have a great Sunday! <3


Trench - old one from Next, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Nike Air Force 1, Hat - H&M, Dress (tucked in jeans) - IvyRevel, Fur Bag - old one from River Island

So today after lecture Migle was so adorrable that she took my outfit photos for the day. She always does such a good job, sad I don't have her as a neighbour here in Dalby haha. I tucked inside my jeans the Dual dress from IvyRevel, the pattern in front is so
cool! Decided to go to school by bus today not by car just to have a nice walk through Dalby and Lund University's campus and back, hoped for better weather but what's you gonna do. Swedish weather at one point is sunny and nexy moment is freezing your fingers off. Oh and haha, sorry that the heavy MacBook Pro makes my fur bag look in a weird square's pretty much oval in other cases.

In fear of cold, I'm gonna head to make me a second cup of ginger and honey tea. Also I'll be in Estonia from 3rd of April to 10th, to see my boyfriend, his game, my family and pets and friends just for this short time. Gonna enjoy my short stay a lot! Aaanfd then back to do some research for the end of this first university year. Have a good one!



Hey everyone! I haven't got a chance to do any outfit posts lately so I will introduce you to something even more useful - time for my short beauty section! This is for everyone struggling with loose eye-skin or dark eye-circles!

I'm gonna tell you about this amazing eye serum from Bodyshop (pictured). My friend Liisa, the make-up artist, did my make-up some months ago and told me that it's not good at all that I have those datk circles under my eyes and skin also seems a bit "loose" if she added eyeshadow so she asked me if I've used any eye-skin products. After I said no, she told me to go straight to Bodyshop and buy myself an eye-serum from their green, nature product line.
After I got back to Sweden it was the first on my list. So the saleswoman gave me this particular roll-top one (sorry I don't have the package for you) called Drops of Youth and told me to roll it on every morning/evening around all the skin surrounding my eyes, especially the dark circles with the really thin layer of skin from scrubbing off make-up and rubbing
So after almost a month I saw some results already, the skin around my eyes was really firm and the dark circles I had were reaaally light, the skin was so much thicker. After 2 months they were gone..vanished, I only had thick beautiful skin under my eyes with the colour of the rest of my face. This thing worked! Like magic! And i continue to use it for I don't know 4th month I guess and it still doesn't run out. I thought dark eye circles were incurable. I owe a lot of thanks to my make-up artist and the saleswoman in the store because now I wake up and look good not half-dead zombie like, especially with really tired eyes it was the worst. I don't need tons of concealer around and under my eyes and ugh, life is so much better through mirror now haha!

So I hope that was helpful to some of you. Since it worked so well on me and also my friend make-up artist then I am sure it will work on you too! Give it a try!



Jacket - Zara, Shoes - Nelly, Shirt - BikBok, Jeans - G-Star Raw, Purse - Hermés

I'm sorry for this leather jacket phase I'm having here on the blog haha. Another season and another year and I'm still deeply in love with the double denim combo. Something so catchy avout it and you can add so much to it. All the colours and details you like. Today I had to drive to Emporia since my iphone charger broke completely on the weekend (don't ask) and I noticed all my dark jeans here in Sweden are getting so old. Came back with a charger and bunch of necklaces but what I didn't get was jeans, guess internet shopping it is again, although buying skinny jeans for my skinny skinny legs is a risky business online haha. So after Emporia I was surprised that it was so light outside before 5pm and I quickly took those outfit shots with my tired face. Now off to cleaning and laundry. Have a cosy Sunday night! xx


Top - Nelly, Jeans - Dr.Denim, Shoes - Nelly, Kimono - H&M

So Friday we celebrated my friend's 21st birthday with a lot of friends and classmates at her house. Later on we went clubbing to Malmö and danced until 3am. Was a super fun night! Such a great feeling to be free after the harsh exam (reason why I've been absent from blog).


Today 8 in the morning was this year's last and super hard exam I studied and read for weeks and after I got home I just took my housemates bike and went and bought myself lots of candy, put on cosy clothes after and just stayed in my bed for the whole day. It felt so so so good not to think or do anything at all. i haven't felt such physical and emotional freedom for a month I think, been a pretty tense course but now it's over! So as I was lying here with my bowl of candy I
though I look pretty hilarious haha and as a blogger my mind always works towards photos so there you have it - my today. I deserved this laziness.

Now I'm gonna do everything possible to fix my looks (masks, manicure, all that stuff) and tomorrow we're going out in Malmö to dance the night away as my friend's birthday was this Wednesday and now's finally the time to celebrate and spend quality time with my friends. Tall to you soon!

Oh in case you're windering. Briefs - Calvin Klein, Cosy Pants - BikBok


Fur Jacket - Ginatricot, Jeans - Dr.Denim, Shoes - Nelly, Crop Top -
BikBok, Clutch - oldie

Baby pink! I love it this Spring! Doesn't get any cuter than pink fur and pink bootsies. I absolutely adore every part I'm wearing. These shoes are perfect from Nelly, the fur is so warm and beautiful, BikBok rocks crop tops this season and these Dr. Denim's are such favourites and they're getting so old. :( I've been looking for the exact same model for ages because it's the perfect fit for me. If anyone knows where to get the dark Dr. Denim jeans with glossy material or where there is a wide selection of Dr. Denim's in Skåne area, please comment here! Will be forever grateful! Hope you like my pink outfit! Back to studying now, exam on Fridayayay..


Make-up: Liisa Leetma
Photo: Paul Meiesaar

I'm so into future right now, I forget my present. I have tons of plans for Summer, ideas for months to come and I'm booking some trips. Also I have plans for my visit back home in April and yadayada...but then I stop, wondering why am I making future plans and not living right now. I work out, shop, study, cook, blog, chat but I'm not going anywhere. I just sit here, planning great fore-coming months plans at the same time when everyone else is going to every party possible. Am I doing it right? Should i take every minute of my present, go out a lot to every event and leave my exam-studies and beauty-training routine behind for a sec? Or am I doing the right thing focusing on the present studies, exams, well-being and only later on, in the future, enjoy the fruits of my work out and studies in the summer and when I visit Estonia in April? Should I spend my money on events and fun or should I spend it on my well-being? I feel like I am doing the right thing focusing on first things first, but at the same time I'm afraid I will regret not going out much later on. Or maybe I won't and I am happy I got good grades and can enjoy my summer to the fullest? And maybe I will be happy I made my life easy not stressful but at the same time I had a boring first year of university.. I have no idea and I'm doubting everything, I have this urge to live life to the fullest but at the same time I think I couldn't live it to the fullest if i'm stressed out because of school and responsibilities. Maybe I should just follow the saying that everything has its own time, if I do this now I will be able to do other stuff later...right?


Leather Jacket - Zara, Jeans - Bershka, Shoes - Nelly, Handbag - H&M, Sweater - Noisy May/ Nelly, Sunglasses - Lindex

Gorgeous day! Between the studies I figured I will throw a Spring outfit photo in-between. I love using sporty pieces like this sweater (one of the gifts from my boyfriend from the huge surprise Nelly package he sent me
haha) and girly pieces like pumps to make that sporty chic look. Although my blog and I myself are really multi-styled then I will probably focus on sporty chic the most this Spring and just throw in some lady-looks, full sporty looks etc. You get my point haha. Now I'm gonna make myself cosy in the sun in the backyard and start reading the hell out of my brain, just like yesterday when I spent 4 hours in the library..


Photos: Migle Dudonyté

Hat & Top - H&M, Jeans - Topshop, Furry Sweater - Seppälä, Shoes - DinSko

A throwback to warm October in Trelleborg. I got these photos only now from my adorrable friend Migle haha! Better late than never right? We took those photos quick before going to a football match later on. Was such a nice day overall, was so glad my girls came to visit me down there. I've changed again with some minths, so weird. Probably am the only one
noticing changes in my face and overall look. And the outfit is the simplest quickiest B&W, just for a stroll around the park which we did. I just really like the photos Migle took, especially the light on some of them. Good girl!

I have another exam study-period going on and if you follow my blog often then you can obviously see that it seems like one never-ending exam I'm studying for but nope, got them basically in a row year-round. Lund University can be tough at times but hey, I can handle it, just complaining here on blog sometimes haha.


Trenchcoat - Next, Shoes - Nelly, Jeans - Guess, Shirt - H&M, Sweater - Calvin Klein, Fur Clutch - custom made

Today's look is finally something for early Spring, with light colours and key items like a beige trench, pumps and light-wash jeans. My jeans are oldies but goldies from Guess, with super cool pockets, but I will show those off in another post. Weather was rainy today but we still managed to luckily catch some snaps before it went dark.

Essay is done!! What a hard task it was and now off to exam studies, lucky me. Today my MacBook crashed, it sidn't turn on or charge, but together with the guy living downstair we managed to fix it! I guess I can send my CV to AppleCare now? Hahah. No seriously I was freaking out since my Mac is full of memories and highly important files plus I have an exam coming up in a bit mote than a week. So happy we fixed the battery! Tomorrow we're gonna go to Emporia with my housemate and I'm gonna start preparing for the exam. Sunday we're gonna celebrate Women's Day by going to Lund with girls and having some coffee and Laduree treats, yum! And then off to library...

Have a great weekend!

B &amp; W

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Hey how's it going? It's my last essay-writing day so I'm a busy bee but I lately feel like posting a lot anyway, blog has become an important part of the day for me even if I have tons of university stuff to do.

I am really tired actually and can't wait for April to come so i could get home at least for a week and see my J whom I miss so so much it's becoming unbearable. Long-distance relationships get easier when practised but they never get too easy. We have some fun plans for that week and also i think May is gonna be fun too. Just a hint that someone with a huge impact on my blog is gonna visit Skåne then!
Ahhh and the weather! How hard it is to write an essay indoors when you have sun coming to your face from the window and birds singing. Again absolutely proven that Spring is and will be my favourite season.

Alright back to work! Hope you like those B&W lady like photos!

Bye! *airkiss*


Set & Shoes - Nelly, Pretty Pillow - IKEA

I never seem to get a pure white wall whereever I move but I can't complain over this huge flowerwall in my room though. It's the only room in this studenthouse with this one, so pretty. So I took some photos in front of it with my favourite colour set that I can't wear out for probably 2 months more, it's March you know haha. So you got a outfit in the room today, on this rainy


White Dress: HERE
High-Neck Dress: HERE
Grey Set: HERE
White Crop Top: HERE
Pink High-Neck Top: HERE
Calvin Kleit Set: HERE
Ralph Lauren POLO WW Shirt: HERE
Two-Piece Necklace: HERE
Patterned B&W Crop Top. HERE
Black Strap-Heels: HERE
White Chunky Heels: HERE
White Dress: HERE

Oh, that came out pretty white. But since I'm gonna have seperate post for all pastel and pink anyway then white is the next thing you look for when Spring and warmth come close. Absolutely adore fashion now, basically you can wear anything with anything. Mix structures, colours, materials, patterns, endless possibilities and online shops are just full of eyecandy. Ahhh wish I could have it all, but where would I put all this stuff in my student house haha. In Trelleborg I had this big room-closet where I could fit endless clothes and it made moving so so hard later on, not gonna make that mistake again and really carefully pick my trends this time and my pick will be sure be from that picture. Hope you like the collage! <3