Meryl Mägi


Make-up: Liisa Leetma
Photo: Paul Meiesaar

I'm so into future right now, I forget my present. I have tons of plans for Summer, ideas for months to come and I'm booking some trips. Also I have plans for my visit back home in April and yadayada...but then I stop, wondering why am I making future plans and not living right now. I work out, shop, study, cook, blog, chat but I'm not going anywhere. I just sit here, planning great fore-coming months plans at the same time when everyone else is going to every party possible. Am I doing it right? Should i take every minute of my present, go out a lot to every event and leave my exam-studies and beauty-training routine behind for a sec? Or am I doing the right thing focusing on the present studies, exams, well-being and only later on, in the future, enjoy the fruits of my work out and studies in the summer and when I visit Estonia in April? Should I spend my money on events and fun or should I spend it on my well-being? I feel like I am doing the right thing focusing on first things first, but at the same time I'm afraid I will regret not going out much later on. Or maybe I won't and I am happy I got good grades and can enjoy my summer to the fullest? And maybe I will be happy I made my life easy not stressful but at the same time I had a boring first year of university.. I have no idea and I'm doubting everything, I have this urge to live life to the fullest but at the same time I think I couldn't live it to the fullest if i'm stressed out because of school and responsibilities. Maybe I should just follow the saying that everything has its own time, if I do this now I will be able to do other stuff later...right?

12 mars 2015 17:40 | OTHER |


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