Meryl Mägi


Trench - old one from Next, Jeans - Topshop, Shoes - Nike Air Force 1, Hat - H&M, Dress (tucked in jeans) - IvyRevel, Fur Bag - old one from River Island

So today after lecture Migle was so adorrable that she took my outfit photos for the day. She always does such a good job, sad I don't have her as a neighbour here in Dalby haha. I tucked inside my jeans the Dual dress from IvyRevel, the pattern in front is so
cool! Decided to go to school by bus today not by car just to have a nice walk through Dalby and Lund University's campus and back, hoped for better weather but what's you gonna do. Swedish weather at one point is sunny and nexy moment is freezing your fingers off. Oh and haha, sorry that the heavy MacBook Pro makes my fur bag look in a weird square's pretty much oval in other cases.

In fear of cold, I'm gonna head to make me a second cup of ginger and honey tea. Also I'll be in Estonia from 3rd of April to 10th, to see my boyfriend, his game, my family and pets and friends just for this short time. Gonna enjoy my short stay a lot! Aaanfd then back to do some research for the end of this first university year. Have a good one!


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