Meryl Mägi

B & W

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Hey how's it going? It's my last essay-writing day so I'm a busy bee but I lately feel like posting a lot anyway, blog has become an important part of the day for me even if I have tons of university stuff to do.

I am really tired actually and can't wait for April to come so i could get home at least for a week and see my J whom I miss so so much it's becoming unbearable. Long-distance relationships get easier when practised but they never get too easy. We have some fun plans for that week and also i think May is gonna be fun too. Just a hint that someone with a huge impact on my blog is gonna visit Skåne then!
Ahhh and the weather! How hard it is to write an essay indoors when you have sun coming to your face from the window and birds singing. Again absolutely proven that Spring is and will be my favourite season.

Alright back to work! Hope you like those B&W lady like photos!

Bye! *airkiss*


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