Meryl Mägi


Fur Jacket - Ginatricot, Jeans - Dr.Denim, Shoes - Nelly, Crop Top -
BikBok, Clutch - oldie

Baby pink! I love it this Spring! Doesn't get any cuter than pink fur and pink bootsies. I absolutely adore every part I'm wearing. These shoes are perfect from Nelly, the fur is so warm and beautiful, BikBok rocks crop tops this season and these Dr. Denim's are such favourites and they're getting so old. :( I've been looking for the exact same model for ages because it's the perfect fit for me. If anyone knows where to get the dark Dr. Denim jeans with glossy material or where there is a wide selection of Dr. Denim's in Skåne area, please comment here! Will be forever grateful! Hope you like my pink outfit! Back to studying now, exam on Fridayayay..


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