Meryl Mägi


Jacket - Zara, Shoes - Nelly, Shirt - BikBok, Jeans - G-Star Raw, Purse - Hermés

I'm sorry for this leather jacket phase I'm having here on the blog haha. Another season and another year and I'm still deeply in love with the double denim combo. Something so catchy avout it and you can add so much to it. All the colours and details you like. Today I had to drive to Emporia since my iphone charger broke completely on the weekend (don't ask) and I noticed all my dark jeans here in Sweden are getting so old. Came back with a charger and bunch of necklaces but what I didn't get was jeans, guess internet shopping it is again, although buying skinny jeans for my skinny skinny legs is a risky business online haha. So after Emporia I was surprised that it was so light outside before 5pm and I quickly took those outfit shots with my tired face. Now off to cleaning and laundry. Have a cosy Sunday night! xx


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