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Hey everyone! I haven't got a chance to do any outfit posts lately so I will introduce you to something even more useful - time for my short beauty section! This is for everyone struggling with loose eye-skin or dark eye-circles!

I'm gonna tell you about this amazing eye serum from Bodyshop (pictured). My friend Liisa, the make-up artist, did my make-up some months ago and told me that it's not good at all that I have those datk circles under my eyes and skin also seems a bit "loose" if she added eyeshadow so she asked me if I've used any eye-skin products. After I said no, she told me to go straight to Bodyshop and buy myself an eye-serum from their green, nature product line.
After I got back to Sweden it was the first on my list. So the saleswoman gave me this particular roll-top one (sorry I don't have the package for you) called Drops of Youth and told me to roll it on every morning/evening around all the skin surrounding my eyes, especially the dark circles with the really thin layer of skin from scrubbing off make-up and rubbing
So after almost a month I saw some results already, the skin around my eyes was really firm and the dark circles I had were reaaally light, the skin was so much thicker. After 2 months they were gone..vanished, I only had thick beautiful skin under my eyes with the colour of the rest of my face. This thing worked! Like magic! And i continue to use it for I don't know 4th month I guess and it still doesn't run out. I thought dark eye circles were incurable. I owe a lot of thanks to my make-up artist and the saleswoman in the store because now I wake up and look good not half-dead zombie like, especially with really tired eyes it was the worst. I don't need tons of concealer around and under my eyes and ugh, life is so much better through mirror now haha!

So I hope that was helpful to some of you. Since it worked so well on me and also my friend make-up artist then I am sure it will work on you too! Give it a try!


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