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Today 8 in the morning was this year's last and super hard exam I studied and read for weeks and after I got home I just took my housemates bike and went and bought myself lots of candy, put on cosy clothes after and just stayed in my bed for the whole day. It felt so so so good not to think or do anything at all. i haven't felt such physical and emotional freedom for a month I think, been a pretty tense course but now it's over! So as I was lying here with my bowl of candy I
though I look pretty hilarious haha and as a blogger my mind always works towards photos so there you have it - my today. I deserved this laziness.

Now I'm gonna do everything possible to fix my looks (masks, manicure, all that stuff) and tomorrow we're going out in Malmö to dance the night away as my friend's birthday was this Wednesday and now's finally the time to celebrate and spend quality time with my friends. Tall to you soon!

Oh in case you're windering. Briefs - Calvin Klein, Cosy Pants - BikBok

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