Meryl Mägi


On the right: Leather Jackets - HERE & HERE
                    Floral Clothing - Playsuit HERE, Bodycon Dress HERE & Skater Dress HERE
                    Peep-Toe Shoes - HERE

On me (left): Leather Jacket - Zara
            Boots - Nelly
            Dress - HERE

Heyyaa! A while back I had a collaboration with a new store in Viljandi called Motion (look up the collaboration and dresses HERE) and when styling the dresses I had to also model for, I found myself this combination of a floral dress, leather jacket and peep-toe boots and fell in love. Kind of a punky look with a touch of girly to it. I don't usually like floral patterned clothing much, it makes me look so much younger and just doesn't feel right but when I added these details, floral got a whole new meaning to me. Now I like that pattern a lot and I think this kind of outfit is perfect for late Spring night out and maybe even a bit chillier summer nights. Instead of a dress you can also wear a floran twin set or a jumpsuit. So there you go, a combination of punky and girly for you for tonight! Also send me links of the photos of you wearing floral jumpsuits/dresses in a cooler way! Would love to see it!



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