Meryl Mägi


Leather Jacket - Zara, Jeans - Bershka, Shoes - Nelly, Handbag - H&M, Sweater - Noisy May/ Nelly, Sunglasses - Lindex

Gorgeous day! Between the studies I figured I will throw a Spring outfit photo in-between. I love using sporty pieces like this sweater (one of the gifts from my boyfriend from the huge surprise Nelly package he sent me
haha) and girly pieces like pumps to make that sporty chic look. Although my blog and I myself are really multi-styled then I will probably focus on sporty chic the most this Spring and just throw in some lady-looks, full sporty looks etc. You get my point haha. Now I'm gonna make myself cosy in the sun in the backyard and start reading the hell out of my brain, just like yesterday when I spent 4 hours in the library..


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