Meryl Mägi


Photos: Migle Dudonyté

Hat & Top - H&M, Jeans - Topshop, Furry Sweater - Seppälä, Shoes - DinSko

A throwback to warm October in Trelleborg. I got these photos only now from my adorrable friend Migle haha! Better late than never right? We took those photos quick before going to a football match later on. Was such a nice day overall, was so glad my girls came to visit me down there. I've changed again with some minths, so weird. Probably am the only one
noticing changes in my face and overall look. And the outfit is the simplest quickiest B&W, just for a stroll around the park which we did. I just really like the photos Migle took, especially the light on some of them. Good girl!

I have another exam study-period going on and if you follow my blog often then you can obviously see that it seems like one never-ending exam I'm studying for but nope, got them basically in a row year-round. Lund University can be tough at times but hey, I can handle it, just complaining here on blog sometimes haha.


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