Meryl Mägi


White Dress: HERE
High-Neck Dress: HERE
Grey Set: HERE
White Crop Top: HERE
Pink High-Neck Top: HERE
Calvin Kleit Set: HERE
Ralph Lauren POLO WW Shirt: HERE
Two-Piece Necklace: HERE
Patterned B&W Crop Top. HERE
Black Strap-Heels: HERE
White Chunky Heels: HERE
White Dress: HERE

Oh, that came out pretty white. But since I'm gonna have seperate post for all pastel and pink anyway then white is the next thing you look for when Spring and warmth come close. Absolutely adore fashion now, basically you can wear anything with anything. Mix structures, colours, materials, patterns, endless possibilities and online shops are just full of eyecandy. Ahhh wish I could have it all, but where would I put all this stuff in my student house haha. In Trelleborg I had this big room-closet where I could fit endless clothes and it made moving so so hard later on, not gonna make that mistake again and really carefully pick my trends this time and my pick will be sure be from that picture. Hope you like the collage! <3


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