Meryl Mägi


So Poplin app which I introduced in the last post chooses 3 Trendsetter every week who in their opinion matched the topic of the week most with their outfits. I was the lucky girl to be chosen last week and recieved these amazing nailpolishes from Isadora as a gift. I will make a post about trying them out soon! Meanwhile thank you Poplin for this amazing colour and cover lack. Perfect pastel colour for this pastel-licious Spring!


Hey everyone!
Hope you're having a great week so far!

I wanted to let you know about this app I've recently discovered and who actually discovered me first haha. It's called Poplin and it's like Instagram of outfits. You can search for your favourite blogs there and get some daily outfit inspiration from all kinds of bloggers worldwide. How cool is that? Everything in one place! 

I will let this introductory video do more explaining.

Link to app store:

Their Instagram account: @poplin_app


A post from September 2014, only thing changed is the lenght and colour of my hair haha. These pictures I uploaded for 10 minutes in my blog and then deleted the post. Why? Because first of all we had to take them real quick before school and the backround wasn't so nice. Second I hated my nation's blue ribbon around my arm that i had to keep for a week and I thought I look too short. So I found these photos from a folder in my mac and I decided to put them up as a throwback since I do love this outfit a lot. All white together with coral Nike's and sunglasses, a perfect combo and I loved to go to achool like this when it was warm enough to be bare-legged haha. So since I'm busy with school I can't take many outfit photos and it's raining today too (boooo) then here you go - a throwback Monday of an outfit that hasn't been here over 10 minutes. Now I just suddenly cared less about those small mistakes on the photos and focused on the clothing.

Have a great Monday!


Photo from December, in the snowy Estonian forest.

I know Winter isn't officially over but it's already March people! It was just November and now boom - a Spring month started. Alright well nevermind the fact that we had been enjoying this early Spring warmth and sun here in Dalby/Lund/Skåne until now, today it snowed a bit. Haha weather can be just crazy sometimes. Only yesterday I could go to the store with my leather jacket and hoodie on and now it's below 0 again? Let's see what happens tomorrow then, I will be sitring in the house anyway doing my Iran essay...Alright back to following the parliament elections in Est!

Have a great March peeps!