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Jumper Dress - BikBok, Bag - Zara, Lace-up Boots - Nelly, Earrings - River Island

My most favourite boots ever!! They will make any dress pop and even go together with a jumper dress plus so good to wear in winter time (with thigts kids). I wasn't planning to match them with this dress at first, but I grabbed it from Emporia's BikBok on Black Friday and then I swopped to this because mixing styles is my favourite thing. Oh and about Black good is it to get everything you wanted/needed with a super cheap price? I got a hold of some lace-ups I've been crawing for, party dresses for the coming party season and something for university days and don't even feel bad about it haha!

We've been having so much fun with J, so sad that he leaves already on Tuesday..going to the gym with him is the best thing since he's my boyfriend and a tough crurl personal trainer aswell, today he made me a 2-hour workout, I'm sooo tired. We also went out on the weekend with my housemates to Malmö, first we had a couple against couple and girls against guys beerpong tournament, so fun!
First advent is here but I already feel like Christmas, walking around in different cities in christmas lights together with my hon has been so magical. Oh I can't list all of the things I love about him staying with me, I should get back to cuddle and movies and definitely back to tougher uni work when he's gone.

Have a great week everyone! Tall to you soon and I hope you like today's outfit! ♥

29 november 2015 21:16 | FASHION |


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