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My pieces from H&M x Balmain collection.

Huhh of course I didn't miss out on the madness that hit H&M stores on 5th..although it was relatively quiet in Malmö compared to the rest of the world, it still was messy. I was just lucky to stand on the right spot in the right time when they put out my favourite piece - the blue top that looks like art. In addition I got a warm furry jacket and those beatiful earrings. So happy I went! I don't even care about what people say and post about this collection (is it pure meanness or jealousy or whatever makes them care enough to post about it) because what matters is the true beauty of these pieces and a straight link to Balmain. I think most of the people took the line just because of the exciting and beautiful pieces not because they think it's 100% Balmain (and also because of good marketing haha). So no point of taking those people seriously, since the clothes are awesome and there aren't many people in the world who got a hold of this so what else matters? I will definitely wear my pieces to pieces haha! Plus the enormous shopping bags and velvet hangers you got with the buy are so useful from now on, just to note.

8 november 2015 14:58 | FASHION |


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