Meryl Mägi


Lace-Up Heels - Nelly
Earrings - Balmain x H&M

Oh my hands were shaking when I saw those beauties for the first time. Coolest heels of the century! Finally Nelly brought in the brown suede ones in my size so I could finally have those for myself! So comfy, so sexy, so edgy..ahhh. Outfits coming soon and these will definitely be my New Year's shoes this year! I know it sounds cheesy to love a clothing piece so much but I do..haha.

Also happy to announce that J is coming to visit me for 10 DAYS in Sweden on 20th! We're gonna have so much fun together, so much to do with him and also school at the same time! Been a while since he's been in Sweden for a long time after he moved away. Exciting!

Now I'm off to work, talk to you soon! <3

13 november 2015 17:13 | FASHION |


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