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Just sent in my last exam essay and finally have time for catching up with the blog!

So I was in Estonia for 2 weeks and didn't really blog that much about my stay.

Well the late night flight home was horrible since my runny nose made my ears hurt and I got a bit more sick than I was after that. Gladly Pholadelphia sushi was waiting at J's apartment and of course seeing him over such long time was the best thing. But then Tallinn Fashion Week started and I got to experince fashion week for the first time. I was really pleased with the event eventhough I wasn't the biggest fan of the location (Telliskivi Loomelinnak). After that I got to see the game after which J and his team Flora became champions of Estonia two games before the season-end. It was such a happy sight! Then I was off to Viljandi to finally see my family and pets and to finish one of the exams. Working with the papers in the local library is so cosy. Also went to my fav hairstylist to make myself a brunette with blonde ends. As you can see from the previous post it has quite a contrast to it and it took so long for me to get used to that dark brown. Also had nice dinners with my family and J and was happy to see all of my friends again. Friday we celebrated my best friends birthday and it was so hard to get on the 8am train to Tallinn after coming home at 3am...Went to the last football game held in Tallinn and spent lovely evenings with my J in Tallinn and again back in my hometown before leaving for Sweden again. I think I forgot some days or the time just went by super idea. Anyway now my batteries are charged again and I feel like my daily uni routine again, really needed a break. Thank you everyone who made my short stay so pleasant and eventful!

Snaps from fashion week (Elu24)

Oh and I haven't mentioned that I'm now active on Snapchat too!

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