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Oh H&M you have really hit the spot this time..It was hard to choose my favourite pieces into these collages because every single piece of that collection is perfection..and what could be seen from the H&M x Balmain fashion show is that half of the pieces aren't even shown around the internet and H&M's homepage. Basically almost every piece here comes in different colours and some pieces that are shown around as dresses also come as sweaters/tops. It is insane how many drop-dead gorgeous pieces one collection can contain. What I admire the most about Olivier Rousteing is that he made the H&M collection so similar to the actual Balmain line, literally giving us all the chance to wear this amazing fashion with affordable prices. Some pieces do have a bit crispier price, but most of it is fine haha. And of course not to mention the fact that the collection consist of everything 'in' this season - thigh-high boots, fur, waistbelts, glitter and open-toe booties.. I am officially in love and in line on 5th of November. 

What will you aim for on 5th? 


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Top - Seppälä, Shorts - H&M, Boots - Timberland's, Shirt - Colin's She, Briefs - Calvin Klein, Sunglasses - Ginatricot, Socks - Adidas

Another shoot together with my awesome girl Kätriin! Again dating back to August. Last one was a bit more simple but this one is totally out of borders. Paul did a fantastic job with the photos, we really look like a badass girl gang here hahah! The surroundings were absolutely perfect for this kind of photos, with even empty graffiti cans lying around the place. I love us together on photos, we just agree on the outfits briefly and then show up matching absolutely perfectly with each other without looking the exact same. Such a joy that I finally have a blogger-friend who I can relate to so much, who I can do fun shoots together and who fits me and my thoughts like my own duplicate haha. She already inspired me without her blog so I am really happy we've started to get along so so well! What a team, huh!? And thank you Paul for once again capturing everything flawlessly! Oh and I have to mention that my outfit in that collab was strongly inspired by Fanny Lyckman.

Have a nice week everyone! I'm gonna work on my exams some more and more and will of course spend quality time at home.


My love and his team FC Flora became champions of Estonia two days ago!! It happened two games before season finale and I am truly so happy I could be there during the celebration moment and could congratulate him by hugging not texting as usual. They really deserved it, congratulations to the whole Flora team!
It was funny because after posting the photo down left on Instagram, I started recieving comments like "you were so cute on tv" haha. Went home to check the game and me and Merlyn (gf of the goalie) indeed were almost always on screen, running around with happy faces and taking photos haha! What a happy evening! Now I get to see one more game on Saturday and then sadly won't be able to see the final game where they will be awarded, but at least I was there two days ago, so I'm happy.
Tomorrow I will post another fun shoot so stay tuned!


Nolo - The outfits pictured were my favourites from Nolo collection. I am glad to see casual comfy footwear on the stage that much and I liked the materials, but nothing impressive this time. 

Tiina by Tiina Talumees - Very feminine, flowy gowns and beautiful coats. I liked the way she had matched same coloured coat with same coloured tights. Just simply beautiful to look at. 

Outfit for the night.

Tallinn Fashion Week surroundings, more about it in a full overview post coming soon.

My beautiful friend and Maybelline's make-up artist Liisa.

Diana Arno - What a show! I am sorry but I didn't even have time to concentrate on the clothes whilst being impressed by the whole show Diana Arno had put together. First of all our Estonian supermodel Carmen Kass took the stage again, loved to see her catwalk multiple times down the runway. And then the birds!! A few models had to carry an alive bird on their arm, while it flopped its wings and looked around calmly. Absolutely impressive that the models didn't even blink an eye when the bird started to almost take-off haha. Now that I looked back on the photos I saw the collection more clearly and it was really luxurious and I loved the soft beautiful colours on the dresses.

Iris Janvier - My absolute favourite of day 3! I don't even know now if I loved Aldo Järvsoo's collection more or Iris's. They were both absolutely 100% stunning. What I loved the most about Iris's collection besides the obviously gorgeous design was the use of sooo many different styles and materials. She has sequins, RED sequins, simple little black dresses, she had used colourful leather which is hothothot, she had put together leather pants with a dress, she used camo and lond woolen coats which are my favourite thing this A/W. Everything was represented in that collection, I would love to have every single piece in my closet, but my biggest wow remains with all of those red sequin dresses...dreamy...

Here's a photo of our most-known supermodel Carmen Kass.


So I would vote day 3 as the best one. I am so sad I couldn't stay for the Embassy of Fashion show after Iris Janvier though. I also couldn't attend the 4th day due events that I would talk about in the next post, really excited to announce what happened! But I heard the 4th day was all about art not that much about fashion forward clothing. Day 3 also brought together all the Estonian fame circle and waaay more press. Was once again such an interesting experience for me to sit in the first row and look at the best-known designers work. I will have an overview of the whole event up here in near days with more photos.

Now I'm back in my hometown Viljandi with J and we're gonna have a quiet evening with my family. You have no idea how happy I am to see my little pets and parents again, such a joy to be home! Talk to you soon! <3 


Vilve Unt - Something new to the scene and adorrable sweaters! Eventhough I wasn't highly impressed, it was well done by the wide-known lady in Estonian fashion.

Liivia Leškin - My favourite of the day! The flowy dresses brought about true Summer vibes. The open-back pictured above was my favourite piece whch I would definitely wear to a Summer party. Also something new to the scne with the B&W and blue colour scheme. 

Maire Valdma - as I heard from my friend Kerstin in the backstage, these clothes were meant to be pure art. The theme was "underwater colours" and I think that was depicted very well with the collection. Not a big fan of the clothes but the Chinese-oil-painting-like patterns were definitely artsy.

Donna Nordica - Least favourite since everything reminded me of my small town's market-shops, so not my cup of tea at all.

Diana Denissova - And the last one we watched on day 2.. lovely coats, some beautiful modern dresses but rest of the collection was outdated. 


So day 2 collections I saw weren't familiar to me (except Vilve Unt) so I didn't know anything about their way of design. I am glad I am able to see so many different styles and designers of my home country though, very eye-opening to take part in this event for the first time. Eventhough day 2 wasn't my favourite I enjoyed it a lot. Strolled more around backstage, saw how shows are put together and had the best time with my blogger-friend Kätriin. Love to discuss fashion with her!


Coat - Bershka, Boots - Nelly, Dress - River Island, Clutch - Giorgio Armani

Thanks Kätriin for snapping the photos!

Ooh it was cold and rainy yesterday in Tallinn.. We visited two shows with 5 designers and after that joined our guys for a double-date cinema night where the guys ended up sitting together in 3rd row and me and Kätriin sat in 6th haha. Weather definitely ruined the fashion mood yesterday. Today I will visit two shows with 4 designers, expecting the most out of those! Day 2 overview will be on blog soon!

Oh and the Martian is a really good movie!! Loved the excitement and humor there.


Kirill Safonov - the collection of dresses included exciting details and variety of different fabrics and cuts. Among all the beautiful gowns I found the feather-bottom dress the prettiest.

Dinner between to shows.

Outfit for the night.

The nominees of the Silver Needle Award - August and Jo Nurm. Both minimalistic and practical and both using uncommon footwear during ahows - Nike sneakers for Jo Nurm and white flip-flops for August. Eventhough I loved the cuts and overall look of August more, Jo Nurm took the prize! Congratulations!

The nominees of the Golden Neelde Award - Piret Ilves, Aldo Järvsoo and Year

While Year was more outerwear concentrated, it stood out but I am not a big fan of real fur clothing..Piret Ilves took the prize this year with her feminine minimalistic design which I liked a lot and as they said "even Jackie Kennedy would've worn that". Congratulations Piret!

I'm gonna end the day 1 post with my favourite of the night - Aldo Järvsoo

First of all the fabric is to die for and the patterns squeezed into it are cherry on top. I loved every single piece of this collection. It had amazing co-ords, a bit of Carrie Bradshaw inspo among the dresses and coats and the use of shoes to the outfits was also brilliant. Simplicity with a little funk again stole my heart. Well done Aldo Järvsoo!


Hello from Copenhagen Airport! I'm on my way to Estonia together with my white-girl Pumpkin Spice Latte haha. I will be in Tallinn until 25th of Oct due the Tallinn Fashion Week, then in Viljandi until 31st of Oct and then again in Tallinn until November, 2. Call me, mail me, draw me!


On me: Trench - Vila, Gladiators - Zara, Shorts - H&M, Shirt - H&M Basics

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Helllloooo dear readers! Finally I can show you my collab together with my dear friend and awesome blogger Kätriin! Paul took these beautiful photos in our hometown Viljandi, between the castle ruins. It is a mainstream place for us to take photos but why not show our hometown to
those who haven't seen it? About the outfits..we decided to show you the same outfit in our own ways to bring variety to the way you can wear trench and gladiators together. It's a perfect combination for early Autumn or Spring or breezy Summer nights. I really love the way we ended up matching perfectly on the photos, she is one talented gal! <3

I've been packing all day today, trying to fit all of the outfits in a tiny suitcase since I'm going to my first ever Tallinn Fashion Week!! So excited to see Estonian designers work it and so excited to see my sweetie and a lot of friends in Tallinn! And of. Ourse so so excited to seen everyone at home soon too! Flight is tomorrow night so I'll try to get some good sleep today. Been so busy writing exams that my head feels chubby. Talk to you more soon!


One way to wear this outfit aaand...

....the second!

Cardigan - Lindex, Blouse - small shop in Rostock, Sneakers - Nike Air Force, Jeans - Dr.Denim, Sunglasses - Mohito, Leather Jacket - Zara

Well this time I couldn't decide which outerwear to match with the outfit so I brought to you both! Been a while since I've worn sneakers in my ootd's though.. First one is a bit boho and really "autumnish". Love green and rust together. The second one is a bit more simple, but of course both outfits are cool with a lace top. Sadly it started to rain while taking the photos so hair is a little weee bit wet. Thank you Laura (finnish) for the photos!

Hope you like both of them! I'm gonna watch Flora's football match now and then study-mode back on. Have a nice weekend!


Saturday morning brunch with my housemates (Nico, Laura and Laura). Was sooo good to have a brunch at home in the morning and it took us a lot of effort to get our bottoms up from the chair haha, we were sooo full!


Last photos from Lomma but just few of them because it was freezing there and I wanted to capture some quick ones with the background. Loved that the boat drove past behind me and made my outfit photo cooler haha. Beautiful view though, the whole Oresund bridge vas visible and the silhouette of Malmö and a bit of Copenhagen (sorry I'm such a big fan of all kinds of views). Of course views are the prettiest with freaky cold weather..


One down, one to go! Talking about mid-term exam essays here and thanking the person who invented warm over-knees and made my life so much cosier! Gonna go through Elle, now, relax a bit and continue on reading about international migration. In a week I will be on my way to Estonia, so all of you contact me between 20th Oct - 1st November! Have a good week everyone!


Dress - Ginatricot, Heels - Nelly, Clutch - Custom Made

This ribbed grey dress is the best buy I've made lately so that's why I'm posting a formal version of it too. There is a more casual outfit with it if you scroll down a little on my blog. Photos again by Laura and from Lomma and since I have so many ideas coming then I'm posting all the Lomma photos in a row. I looove the background here though, it's the Lomma Hamn with a beautiful channel that connects with the sea. Must be amazing during Summer!
Anywayzzz hope you like the more formal outfit and dare to wear off-shoulders even in Autumn!


Bag - Zara, Sweater & Skirt & Belt - H&M, Heels & Cardigan - Nelly

Waistbelt trend is back after some years and I chose to add it on an all-black outfit. Actually pulling everything together with a big belt is so so warm. Guess I'm obsessed with warmth now that cold weather has finally reached South Sweden..
Photos again taken in Lomma and today is Sunday-study day so I'll get back to it! Hope everyone had a good weekend!