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Oh H&M you have really hit the spot this time..It was hard to choose my favourite pieces into these collages because every single piece of that collection is perfection..and what could be seen from the H&M x Balmain fashion show is that half of the pieces aren't even shown around the internet and H&M's homepage. Basically almost every piece here comes in different colours and some pieces that are shown around as dresses also come as sweaters/tops. It is insane how many drop-dead gorgeous pieces one collection can contain. What I admire the most about Olivier Rousteing is that he made the H&M collection so similar to the actual Balmain line, literally giving us all the chance to wear this amazing fashion with affordable prices. Some pieces do have a bit crispier price, but most of it is fine haha. And of course not to mention the fact that the collection consist of everything 'in' this season - thigh-high boots, fur, waistbelts, glitter and open-toe booties.. I am officially in love and in line on 5th of November. 

What will you aim for on 5th? 

30 oktober 2015 12:28 | FASHION |


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