Meryl Mägi


Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Top - Seppälä, Shorts - H&M, Boots - Timberland's, Shirt - Colin's She, Briefs - Calvin Klein, Sunglasses - Ginatricot, Socks - Adidas

Another shoot together with my awesome girl Kätriin! Again dating back to August. Last one was a bit more simple but this one is totally out of borders. Paul did a fantastic job with the photos, we really look like a badass girl gang here hahah! The surroundings were absolutely perfect for this kind of photos, with even empty graffiti cans lying around the place. I love us together on photos, we just agree on the outfits briefly and then show up matching absolutely perfectly with each other without looking the exact same. Such a joy that I finally have a blogger-friend who I can relate to so much, who I can do fun shoots together and who fits me and my thoughts like my own duplicate haha. She already inspired me without her blog so I am really happy we've started to get along so so well! What a team, huh!? And thank you Paul for once again capturing everything flawlessly! Oh and I have to mention that my outfit in that collab was strongly inspired by Fanny Lyckman.

Have a nice week everyone! I'm gonna work on my exams some more and more and will of course spend quality time at home.

27 oktober 2015 09:38 | FASHION |


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