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Kirill Safonov - the collection of dresses included exciting details and variety of different fabrics and cuts. Among all the beautiful gowns I found the feather-bottom dress the prettiest.

Dinner between to shows.

Outfit for the night.

The nominees of the Silver Needle Award - August and Jo Nurm. Both minimalistic and practical and both using uncommon footwear during ahows - Nike sneakers for Jo Nurm and white flip-flops for August. Eventhough I loved the cuts and overall look of August more, Jo Nurm took the prize! Congratulations!

The nominees of the Golden Neelde Award - Piret Ilves, Aldo Järvsoo and Year

While Year was more outerwear concentrated, it stood out but I am not a big fan of real fur clothing..Piret Ilves took the prize this year with her feminine minimalistic design which I liked a lot and as they said "even Jackie Kennedy would've worn that". Congratulations Piret!

I'm gonna end the day 1 post with my favourite of the night - Aldo Järvsoo

First of all the fabric is to die for and the patterns squeezed into it are cherry on top. I loved every single piece of this collection. It had amazing co-ords, a bit of Carrie Bradshaw inspo among the dresses and coats and the use of shoes to the outfits was also brilliant. Simplicity with a little funk again stole my heart. Well done Aldo Järvsoo!

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