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Vilve Unt - Something new to the scene and adorrable sweaters! Eventhough I wasn't highly impressed, it was well done by the wide-known lady in Estonian fashion.

Liivia Leškin - My favourite of the day! The flowy dresses brought about true Summer vibes. The open-back pictured above was my favourite piece whch I would definitely wear to a Summer party. Also something new to the scne with the B&W and blue colour scheme. 

Maire Valdma - as I heard from my friend Kerstin in the backstage, these clothes were meant to be pure art. The theme was "underwater colours" and I think that was depicted very well with the collection. Not a big fan of the clothes but the Chinese-oil-painting-like patterns were definitely artsy.

Donna Nordica - Least favourite since everything reminded me of my small town's market-shops, so not my cup of tea at all.

Diana Denissova - And the last one we watched on day 2.. lovely coats, some beautiful modern dresses but rest of the collection was outdated. 


So day 2 collections I saw weren't familiar to me (except Vilve Unt) so I didn't know anything about their way of design. I am glad I am able to see so many different styles and designers of my home country though, very eye-opening to take part in this event for the first time. Eventhough day 2 wasn't my favourite I enjoyed it a lot. Strolled more around backstage, saw how shows are put together and had the best time with my blogger-friend Kätriin. Love to discuss fashion with her!

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