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Nolo - The outfits pictured were my favourites from Nolo collection. I am glad to see casual comfy footwear on the stage that much and I liked the materials, but nothing impressive this time. 

Tiina by Tiina Talumees - Very feminine, flowy gowns and beautiful coats. I liked the way she had matched same coloured coat with same coloured tights. Just simply beautiful to look at. 

Outfit for the night.

Tallinn Fashion Week surroundings, more about it in a full overview post coming soon.

My beautiful friend and Maybelline's make-up artist Liisa.

Diana Arno - What a show! I am sorry but I didn't even have time to concentrate on the clothes whilst being impressed by the whole show Diana Arno had put together. First of all our Estonian supermodel Carmen Kass took the stage again, loved to see her catwalk multiple times down the runway. And then the birds!! A few models had to carry an alive bird on their arm, while it flopped its wings and looked around calmly. Absolutely impressive that the models didn't even blink an eye when the bird started to almost take-off haha. Now that I looked back on the photos I saw the collection more clearly and it was really luxurious and I loved the soft beautiful colours on the dresses.

Iris Janvier - My absolute favourite of day 3! I don't even know now if I loved Aldo Järvsoo's collection more or Iris's. They were both absolutely 100% stunning. What I loved the most about Iris's collection besides the obviously gorgeous design was the use of sooo many different styles and materials. She has sequins, RED sequins, simple little black dresses, she had used colourful leather which is hothothot, she had put together leather pants with a dress, she used camo and lond woolen coats which are my favourite thing this A/W. Everything was represented in that collection, I would love to have every single piece in my closet, but my biggest wow remains with all of those red sequin dresses...dreamy...

Here's a photo of our most-known supermodel Carmen Kass.


So I would vote day 3 as the best one. I am so sad I couldn't stay for the Embassy of Fashion show after Iris Janvier though. I also couldn't attend the 4th day due events that I would talk about in the next post, really excited to announce what happened! But I heard the 4th day was all about art not that much about fashion forward clothing. Day 3 also brought together all the Estonian fame circle and waaay more press. Was once again such an interesting experience for me to sit in the first row and look at the best-known designers work. I will have an overview of the whole event up here in near days with more photos.

Now I'm back in my hometown Viljandi with J and we're gonna have a quiet evening with my family. You have no idea how happy I am to see my little pets and parents again, such a joy to be home! Talk to you soon! <3 

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