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My love and his team FC Flora became champions of Estonia two days ago!! It happened two games before season finale and I am truly so happy I could be there during the celebration moment and could congratulate him by hugging not texting as usual. They really deserved it, congratulations to the whole Flora team!
It was funny because after posting the photo down left on Instagram, I started recieving comments like "you were so cute on tv" haha. Went home to check the game and me and Merlyn (gf of the goalie) indeed were almost always on screen, running around with happy faces and taking photos haha! What a happy evening! Now I get to see one more game on Saturday and then sadly won't be able to see the final game where they will be awarded, but at least I was there two days ago, so I'm happy.
Tomorrow I will post another fun shoot so stay tuned!

26 oktober 2015 12:24 | OTHER |


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