Meryl Mägi


Pants & Sweater - H&M, Heels - Nelly, Blazer - Mango

We had suchhh a nice day in Lomma today with Laura (das German)! We took a lot of outfit photos (will start uploading them from now on) and looked around Lomma beach and the town, it is amaziiing! You could actually see the silhouette of Malmö and the whole Oresund bridge and even some tall houses in Copenhagen! So jealous of the people having their rooftops and balconies to that direction...what a view. Basically strolled around between cute colorful houses and yachts and boats, definitely going back for some more.
The outfit itself is not typical by me but something more office-like. I love it when you don't look layered up and warm but actually are really warm in yoir outfit. The knit + long blazer look does the trick. Definitely wear your blazers a lot this Autumn!


A little black dress by BikBok.

I admit going through 3 BikBok's in Skåne to find this one store where this gorgeous glittery dress isn't sold out...Finally found the store in Triangeln Malmö. I feel like half of Sweden has this dress in their closet though, don't blame them. It's glittery, skin-tight, black and simple, perfect for Winter holidays! Definitely gonna post an outfit with it so here's just a sneak peak for now.


So now I just want to update something else other than fashion because I know some of you read due to interest what's going on with me and of course my friends are my daily readers anyway. So how are you, Meryl? - Good and not so good! I have such a bad cold right now, a fever that makes me really weak, and of course a cough
and a runny nose, booo. Also it is tense at school since we have some tasks and in addition I started my take-home exam early so I wouldn't have to write much when I'm in Estonia at the end of the month. The task they gave us turned out to be really interesting. Since I have a course about migration, we had to conduct an interview with immigrants and we found this African shop/restaurant where in addition to eye-opening interesting interview we got to have some real African lunch. Loved that spicy food! Now after our presentation on Thursday we are invited to go and have some French tort since one of the shopkeepers is French and his parents owned a bakery in Paris. So I have a feeling we picked the right people for the interviewing haha. But uni is really eye-opening for me right now, I try to go to all the lectures because they are just so interesting! So what else...also planning to go dark (with hair) for Winter but as my friends know I always keep blonde in my hair more or less, you'll see then! Aaand for the ones who come here for style posts, I am gonna drive to beautiful Lomma beach with Laura (german) this weekend for some outfit photos so stay tuned! Meanwhile I might not post much since I have to definitely get well for Thursday's seminar and I'd rather stay in and heal until then! Talk to you soon! <3




These three above together with some skin-tight black Dr.Denim jeans, ohh hiiii Autumn baaabe! 


Trenchcoat - Next, Boots - Timberland's, Bag - H&M, Jeans - Zara, Knit - Lindex

Feeling under the weather lately. I think I have some minor cold and really tucked myself in for today's ootd haha. Also have a lot of work to do so we just decided to buy cinamon buns because today it's the kanelbullensdag in Sweden and study together with Laura (Finnish Laura) with some tea in addition. The outfit is a bit tomboy mixed with girly elements like turtle-neck knit and a trench. Love mixing styles as you already know. Since our study-date was rather efficient, we can now relax by the TV and watch the Bachelor's in Paradise final hahah! Hope you had a good weekend lovelies! <3


Green Bomber - HERE
Grey Coat - HERE
Green Coat - HERE
Rust Fur - HERE
Dark Blue Fur - HERE
Black Coat - HERE
Beige Coat - HERE

In the middle of essay writing, I thought I should post my webshop outerwear favourites here. Keep your eyes open in stores for bomber jackets, faux fur jackets and different coats - preferrably straight pencil cut coats, flowy long long looong coats, the coats that remind you of your bathrobe and coats in colours beige (nude and camel), black, shades of green and why not burgundy and grey.  


Jacket - Zara, Bag - Calvin Klein, Jeans - Tally Weijl, Boots - Skopunkten, Bandana - Glitter

Photos by my lovely Migle.

Today was such a nice day! I finally got out after sitting in my dark cave and writing my exam essay for two days haha. Met up with Elise and Migle, had some coffee at Espresso House and then went for a stroll around town, shopping and photos and so on so on. Didn't get the over-knee socks I'm craving for but at least got a beanie for my boyfriend. Weather was soooo nice, just love Autumns like that! Oh and about today's outfit...just basics made more fun with a bright red bandana. Saw them all around fashion weeks so gave it a try too. Dare to wear a bandana everyonee, around neck, around wrist, tied to a handbag..endless possibilities.