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Here's a little outfit throwback dating back to almost July!

Which one was your favourite? What kind of outfits would you like to see more (casual, formal, sporty, feminine, high-fashion)? Let me know in the comment section! <3


Trenchcoat - Next, Top - Ginatricot, Flares - Ginatricot, Heels - Nelly

Ugh I am so mad at myself, did all the preparations and all, found this beautiful spot and then forgot the wrong ISO on from yesterday night when I was trying to capture the blood
moon eclipse...and of course since camera display is small I didn't notice the photos were a bit foggy but I tried my best with editing and forgive me for the bad quality!

Flare pants are one of the hottest trends still on-going this Fall and everytime I put an outfit together with them I am surprised how comfy and slender-looking they are. Mine are an extra soft version from Gina haha, so good for sitting in lectures at uni and probably the best thing to wear to office both with heels and sneakers.

Thank you Laura (another Laura) for the photos! :) So cool having two Lauras in the house, one from Finland and one from Germany.




1. Eggs
2. Fitnessguru OneCasein Double Rich Chocolate protein
3. Coconut oil
4. Milk
5. Flour 

How me and Laura made them:

We used 2 eggs, one cup of Fitnessguru protein powder, some flour and milk to make it nicely thick, some sparkling water for crunchiness, one table spoon of coconut oil and if you feel like adding some sugar or more protein and less flour. Mixed it all together, let it stay for a while and baked them in the waffle-maker until they were crunchy on the sides. 

Aaand voila! Add some honey, seeds and berries on top and enjoy your yummy healthy protein-breakfast! 



Dress - Ginatricot, Over-Knee Boots - Nelly, Bag - Zara

Photos by my lovely housemate Laura, thanks girl! <3

I finalllly got my favourite combination together for this Fall!! First I ordered those beige over-knees and then I was on a hunt for a perfect dress to those for ages until I went to Emporia the other day and found this perfection
from Gina. I love this dress because it's so warm and you can wear the rolled neckline in different ways, for instance I'm wearing it quite up on the photos but actually you can wear it as off-shoulder too, so fierce huh? Again simplicity is the key in that combination. Simple colours, no patterns, just 3 pieces but oh it works so well! Oh and the huge holahoops in my ears are slowly becoming "my thing", that's why they are everywhere haha!

Have a great weekend evvvvvrivan! <3


Missing my funny sweetie so much these days. It's alright when days are busy, but when I have time off to relax it's sometimes so hard to think that I used to wake up next to him every morning and spent my days having tons of fun with him..
Well it will be better soon because I booked a flight home from 20th of October to 2nd of November (missing the Halloween party in Lund though, damnit) and I decided to do my take-home exam in Estonia. Also he's coming to visit me in Sweden in November when footballs season ends, really hope they will become the champions on Estonia though! Aaand then it's Christmas and I will be home for a complete month and we will definitely plan something cool for that break. Meantime I'll just enjoy my favourite Sweden and do well!
Had a lot of seminars and reading past week so I will just relax now, letting my brain rest haha!
End of evening chat, bye lovelies! <3


Fitnessguru OneWhey Protein Shake

I am totally in love with this protein shake from Fitnessguru! It is the perfect additional boost after a jog, session at the gym or after a good big meal. The raspberry one tastes exactly like normal liquid yoghurt, so it is good and tasty! Can't wait to try all the other flavours they have! So nice to finally focus on studies and work outs during cold and datk autumn/winter period, boo.

FALL TIPS - vol 2



Poncho -


Boots - Nelly


Knit - Lindex


Hat - H&M
Handbag - H&M
Black Belt - H&M
Silver Belt - oldie


Grey Top - BikBok
Olive Sweater - Ginatricot
Khaki Dress - River Island


Beige Tops - Missguided
Fur Jacket - Thrift Shop


Flare Pants - Ginatricot

So here are my last Fall tips for this season. The first tips you can find by scrolling a bit down on my blog. Like in the first one, I will only explain the ones that might not be so clear. Splits are the cuts on the sides or on back or in front of a long top/sweater, they look really lovely with all kinds of skinny jeans. Then there are the flares by which I mean wide cut pants and jeans that compliment slender legs beautifully. By ribbed I mean the stretchable material or sonic as some say that is really tight-fitting and looks gorgeous on anyone. Of course there is more to Fall fashion than only the things I brought out in my two posts. There is also all kinds of suede clothing, buttoned-up skirts, denim skirts, the colour burgundy, wide belts and leather pants/leggings, soooo many things! Also layering never goes out of style when it comes to Autumn and you know what else never goes out of style? Your personal style. Be playful with colours and materials and enjoy the cosy Autumn!

C &bull; A &bull; M &bull; O

Camo Jeans - Zara, Heels - Nelly, Sweater - Ginatricot, Fringe Bag - H&M

Can you see me? Did the camouflage work? No? Oh well.. I want to be seen in those jeans anyway haha. Camouflage jeans..why haven't I bought them earlier? They are so so syulish and actually matchable with anything. Oh I'm gonna go crazy trying out different combos with those! I love that the ones from Zara have this tiny ripped part above the knee too. I'm equally glad over buying this sweater with lace-up upper part, it's gorgeous in its olive green colour and actually super warm and cosy. I can't stop praising the fashion this Fall!

Yesterday I went out with my new housemates and had lots of fun there. Been a while since I've had a night out in Sweden so I was glad I could make some time for it. New housemates are so so lovel. Talking about them..thank you Laura for taking my photos! <3


1 day in Rostock. Snaps taken both with phone & camera.

So as I wrote I had a weekend getaway to Rostock, Germany where my beautiful cousin lives with her family. Since the shipride took half a day, I only had 1 full day to spend time there. I had tons of fun strolling around the beautiful city centre, driving around, going to cafe and to a grilling party and to a reaaaally amazing party mansion nearby during night. Her family is so much fun and of course so is she. Now I think all Germans have at least one guinea pig and a small dog haha! I'm so glad she is just across the sea, can't wait to visit again!


Knit - Lindex, Heels - Nelly, Jeans - Seppälä

Talking about cool knits this Lindex one is definitely one of those. It has the pretty roll-neck, side splits and such a nice colour to it. Eventhough I went for a more non-casual look with it, it still can be worn with anything. You can have a long-sleeved body-hugging blouse under it or you can wear it with a cap, white jeans and sneaker as I did to a football match. Endless possibilities with this warm woolen cutie. Since I love all things that aren't boring and have a bit of fun to them then it's a keeper in my closet definitely.

MY FALL TIPS - vol 1



Sweater - Ginatricot
Blouse - small store in Rostock


Heels - Nelly


Lipsticks - Manhattan, Maybelline, Max Factor
Nail Polishes - Manhattan, OPI


Tank Top - Zara
Dress - River Island


Blouse - Lindex
Sweater - Lindex


Beige - Nelly
Black - Nelly


Gladiators - Zara

So this is Fall 2015 through my eyes and as you can see I love this years Fall fashion so much that I have almost everything in that way. I'm gonna comment some of those that might not be very clear. For example the gladiator heels are a bit more summer-ish, but they go so well together with shorts, sweater and a warm trenchcoat (outfit coming soon) so they kind of move a bit into early Autumn too. Then there is a lot of different kinds of laced-up heels available all over online stores, gonna make a separate post about them so these are the ones I have in my closet at the moment, they don't depict exactly what I mean by laced-up heels though but close enough. Aaand the best thing that was here last Winter and is still here - over-the-knee boots! Bought the black ones with golden nose and block heel a year ago and now it was time to have some beige next to them too. Next time the heeled ones maybe? 

Hope you got some inspiration out of this post. This is just half of the tips so I will post the volume 2 in a few days! Stay tuned!


Long post alert!!!

Photos: Paul Meiesaar
Beach Dresses: Memuse

So here's something new for ya. Paul had a project idea and combined it with a small brand of beach dresses you can wear in different ways. We could use this badass looking Jeep and had a beautiful evening and a cool looking beach for good use too. So we could just run around in water, climb on the Jeep and as I wrote after the photoshoot - we could rock on the back part of the Jeep when it climbed up the beach, soooo fun! Hope you like the gorgeous photos Paul made as much as I do, kind of magical and somehow funny too haha.

I have a lot of reading to do now and I am still tired of yesterday's trip back home. The ferry drove back 7 hours eith like hundreds of refugees on it, felt so sad because I saw the situation with my own eyes now. It is a terrible world sometimes..
Got back to my super cool housemates and we watched Bachelor's In Paradise alltogether when suddenly a mouse appeared. Me, Nico and Ariane stayed to catch the little fella but somehow it managed to escape us from under the cupboard haha. It was so hella cute and ate our cheese. Animal freak has spoken and now gets back to reading.


Poncho - Lindex, Waistbelt - H&M, Boots - Centro, Dress - Nelly, Handbag - Calvin Klein

I will post the Fall must haves altogether in a coming post but a poncho is definitely one of those. The best choice of ponchos this Fall is definitely in Lindex with all kinds of colours, patterns, some open, some closed and they are all so so soft. Feels like you are wrapped in a warm blanket, but at the same time you look chic and lady-like with it. Couldn't imagine cold weathers without one anymore. So glad Lindex presented those wonderful things to me. You can style a poncho with basically whatever - skirts, jeans (especially skinny ones matched with stilettos or boots), thigh-high boots, dresses and of course throw it on whatever. I styled my beige cutie with a waist-belt which is also another key detail this Fall.

Now I'm having fun in Germany and will be back on blog probably Monday, have fun babes!


Dogon Wallet by Hermés

Aaah the Orange Box, fashion lovers know what it means! The box has some minor injuries because of travelling with it and I've had it for some years now, but I wanted to show you my most favourite (and probably most expensive) possession in my closet. It's the beautiful wallet from Hermés in colour Fire and I don't use it much because I am afraid to ruin this perfection. I can be really clumsy and it smells and looks like a heavenly thing, but can be ruined so easily. So special occasions only for this beauty, that's enough! It's so classically eye-catching, I should use it more around my outfits though. No harm in taking photos, right?

Tomorrow I'm heading for a weekend getaway to Rostock, Germany! Gonna have fun with my super great cousin there. I have it super easy and slow at school right now and Rostock is so close so I though when else than now? Tomorrow I have a 6h shipride from Trelleborg to Rostock so I'll try to upload some Lindex-candy for you with that slow ship wifi haha! Have a great weekend!! <3


Cardigan & Heels - Nelly, Jeans - River Island (old), Handbag - Calvin Klein, Tank Top - Marks & Spencer

Pictures by my one and only sweetheart whom I wish so so much already.

Woo back to English, so relaxing! Today's outfit is something more chic and my definite favourite at the moment (also with white sneakers) and describes "me" the most. I found those old high-waist buttoned up jeans from my Estonian closet and fell in love with them again, they are so so cool! Mixed with classic simple cuts and colours they look so good. High-waist jeans and white tank with super long cardigan is always a great idea for a casual chic look.

Back to reading schoolwork now! Hope you like today's outfit as much as I do! ♥