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Camo Jeans - Zara, Heels - Nelly, Sweater - Ginatricot, Fringe Bag - H&M

Can you see me? Did the camouflage work? No? Oh well.. I want to be seen in those jeans anyway haha. Camouflage jeans..why haven't I bought them earlier? They are so so syulish and actually matchable with anything. Oh I'm gonna go crazy trying out different combos with those! I love that the ones from Zara have this tiny ripped part above the knee too. I'm equally glad over buying this sweater with lace-up upper part, it's gorgeous in its olive green colour and actually super warm and cosy. I can't stop praising the fashion this Fall!

Yesterday I went out with my new housemates and had lots of fun there. Been a while since I've had a night out in Sweden so I was glad I could make some time for it. New housemates are so so lovel. Talking about them..thank you Laura for taking my photos! <3

19 september 2015 19:06 | FASHION |


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