Meryl Mägi


Dress - Ginatricot, Over-Knee Boots - Nelly, Bag - Zara

Photos by my lovely housemate Laura, thanks girl! <3

I finalllly got my favourite combination together for this Fall!! First I ordered those beige over-knees and then I was on a hunt for a perfect dress to those for ages until I went to Emporia the other day and found this perfection
from Gina. I love this dress because it's so warm and you can wear the rolled neckline in different ways, for instance I'm wearing it quite up on the photos but actually you can wear it as off-shoulder too, so fierce huh? Again simplicity is the key in that combination. Simple colours, no patterns, just 3 pieces but oh it works so well! Oh and the huge holahoops in my ears are slowly becoming "my thing", that's why they are everywhere haha!

Have a great weekend evvvvvrivan! <3

26 september 2015 16:23 | FASHION |


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