Meryl Mägi


Trenchcoat - Next, Top - Ginatricot, Flares - Ginatricot, Heels - Nelly

Ugh I am so mad at myself, did all the preparations and all, found this beautiful spot and then forgot the wrong ISO on from yesterday night when I was trying to capture the blood
moon eclipse...and of course since camera display is small I didn't notice the photos were a bit foggy but I tried my best with editing and forgive me for the bad quality!

Flare pants are one of the hottest trends still on-going this Fall and everytime I put an outfit together with them I am surprised how comfy and slender-looking they are. Mine are an extra soft version from Gina haha, so good for sitting in lectures at uni and probably the best thing to wear to office both with heels and sneakers.

Thank you Laura (another Laura) for the photos! :) So cool having two Lauras in the house, one from Finland and one from Germany.

29 september 2015 21:01 | FASHION |


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