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Dogon Wallet by Hermés

Aaah the Orange Box, fashion lovers know what it means! The box has some minor injuries because of travelling with it and I've had it for some years now, but I wanted to show you my most favourite (and probably most expensive) possession in my closet. It's the beautiful wallet from Hermés in colour Fire and I don't use it much because I am afraid to ruin this perfection. I can be really clumsy and it smells and looks like a heavenly thing, but can be ruined so easily. So special occasions only for this beauty, that's enough! It's so classically eye-catching, I should use it more around my outfits though. No harm in taking photos, right?

Tomorrow I'm heading for a weekend getaway to Rostock, Germany! Gonna have fun with my super great cousin there. I have it super easy and slow at school right now and Rostock is so close so I though when else than now? Tomorrow I have a 6h shipride from Trelleborg to Rostock so I'll try to upload some Lindex-candy for you with that slow ship wifi haha! Have a great weekend!! <3

10 september 2015 15:25 | FASHION |


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