Meryl Mägi


Missing my funny sweetie so much these days. It's alright when days are busy, but when I have time off to relax it's sometimes so hard to think that I used to wake up next to him every morning and spent my days having tons of fun with him..
Well it will be better soon because I booked a flight home from 20th of October to 2nd of November (missing the Halloween party in Lund though, damnit) and I decided to do my take-home exam in Estonia. Also he's coming to visit me in Sweden in November when footballs season ends, really hope they will become the champions on Estonia though! Aaand then it's Christmas and I will be home for a complete month and we will definitely plan something cool for that break. Meantime I'll just enjoy my favourite Sweden and do well!
Had a lot of seminars and reading past week so I will just relax now, letting my brain rest haha!
End of evening chat, bye lovelies! <3

24 september 2015 20:20 | OTHER |


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