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Poncho - Lindex, Waistbelt - H&M, Boots - Centro, Dress - Nelly, Handbag - Calvin Klein

I will post the Fall must haves altogether in a coming post but a poncho is definitely one of those. The best choice of ponchos this Fall is definitely in Lindex with all kinds of colours, patterns, some open, some closed and they are all so so soft. Feels like you are wrapped in a warm blanket, but at the same time you look chic and lady-like with it. Couldn't imagine cold weathers without one anymore. So glad Lindex presented those wonderful things to me. You can style a poncho with basically whatever - skirts, jeans (especially skinny ones matched with stilettos or boots), thigh-high boots, dresses and of course throw it on whatever. I styled my beige cutie with a waist-belt which is also another key detail this Fall.

Now I'm having fun in Germany and will be back on blog probably Monday, have fun babes!

11 september 2015 16:03 | FASHION |


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