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Long post alert!!!

Photos: Paul Meiesaar
Beach Dresses: Memuse

So here's something new for ya. Paul had a project idea and combined it with a small brand of beach dresses you can wear in different ways. We could use this badass looking Jeep and had a beautiful evening and a cool looking beach for good use too. So we could just run around in water, climb on the Jeep and as I wrote after the photoshoot - we could rock on the back part of the Jeep when it climbed up the beach, soooo fun! Hope you like the gorgeous photos Paul made as much as I do, kind of magical and somehow funny too haha.

I have a lot of reading to do now and I am still tired of yesterday's trip back home. The ferry drove back 7 hours eith like hundreds of refugees on it, felt so sad because I saw the situation with my own eyes now. It is a terrible world sometimes..
Got back to my super cool housemates and we watched Bachelor's In Paradise alltogether when suddenly a mouse appeared. Me, Nico and Ariane stayed to catch the little fella but somehow it managed to escape us from under the cupboard haha. It was so hella cute and ate our cheese. Animal freak has spoken and now gets back to reading.

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