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Photos - Paul Meiesaar

Cropped Hoodie -
H&M Basics         Swimsuit - River Island

Decided to upload this little photoshoot I did when in Estonia because I feel it fits Friday just right! Love this see-through mesh swimsuit from River Island's Pacha collection, but unfortunately cannot wear it for such a long time still so decided to match it with my fav cropped hoodie and take pictures of it, because why not haha! Hopefully there will be more Summer weather in northern Europe than last year, but if not then at least the end of Autumn has a lovely treat for me. ;)

Heading to sleep now, tomorrow it's Valborg's again in Lund and I want to save alll my energy for that. It was too crazy last year, so this year I'm taking it down a notch and try to have a more relaxed all-day party. Who doesn't know then in Lund tens of thousand of students gather into Stadsparken to party and later on head to nations and indoor parties and eat a lot and nap in-between of course. I really like this celebration, so hope it is gonna be fun! Good night! x


Otsustasin selle väikese photoshoot'i, mis ma Eestis olles tegin, reede puhul üles visata. Mulle nii meeldib see väheke läbipaistev trikoo River Island'i Pacha kollektsioonist, aga kahjuks ei saa seda veel ikka tükkaega kuskil kanda seega otsustasin selle sobitada oma lemmiku crop dressikaga ja teha sellest pilte, sest miks mitte eks? Loodetavasti on see aasta vähe rohkem suveilma Euroopa põhjaosas, kui eelmine aasta, aga kui ka pole, siis pole hullu, kuna sügisel on mulle midagi väga meeldivat varuks. ;)

Lähen nüüd magama, kuna homme on taas Valborg's (eestlastele volber, volbriöö) siin Lundis ja ma tahan kogu energiat selleks säästa. Eelmine aasta oli väga väga hull see kõik, seega see aasta ma lubasin endale, et tõmban käiku vähemaks ja veedan selle hommikust õhtuni peo rahulikult. Kes ei tea sellest üritusest siin, siis kümned tuhanded õpilased kogunevad Stadsparken'isse (linna park) pidutsema ning liiguvad hiljem edasi korporatsioonide pidudele või lihtsalt siseruumi pidudele. Muidugi süüakse palju ja lõunauinakud ka sinna vahele haha! Mulle väga meeldib see sündmus nii et loodan, et homne tuleb tore! Head ööd! x 


Frill Set - Selsi Style/ HERE        Heels - Nelly/ similar HERE      Jacket - ASOS        Clutch - Hermés        Choker - Glitter

Here's my second look from Selsi Style. I love the white frill set, it's perfect for Summer parties and dinners, especially when teamed up with a wide white choker necklace. The midi skirt actually has a split behind it, but I didn't capture any photos of it unfortunately. The set comes also comes in black (link above). So sorry for the little bit less quality than usually. Discovered something is seriously off in my camera settings and I need to sit down at some point and try to fix it, so I just used automatic focus and it didn't have really good results apparently. I probably have clicked some random buttons accidentally when taking photos last time. It's time for me to start reading again, so I'm gonna make it short here. Don't forget to check out the beautiful party clothes from Selsi Style and I hope you liked my black-red-white look!


Siin on siis mu teine look Selsi Style'ilt. See valge komplekt on nii ilus, just sobilik suvepidudeks ja õhtusöökideks, eriti kui sinna juurde lisada lai valge choker kaelaehe. Midi-seelikul on tegelikult ka lõige taga keskel, aga ma kahjuks ei saanud ühtegi pilti sellega. Seda komplekti on saadaval ka musta (link üleval). Vabandan ka veidi kehvema kvaliteedi pärast, kui tavaliselt. Avastasin alles väljas, et miski on väga valesti mu kaamerasätetega ja ma pean mingi hetk maha istuma ja kõik korda tegema. Proovisin teha pildid siis automaatfookusega, aga nagu näha siis ei teenud see just head tööd. Ilmselt olen kogemata vajutanud mingeid suvalisi nuppe viimati pildistades. Mul on jällegi aeg tagasi lugema asuda, seega jätan jutu lühikeseks. Vaadake kindlasti järgi Selsi Style'i peoriiete valik ja loodan, et teile meeldis mu must-punane-valge outfit! 


Skinny Coffee Club's 28-day program coffee HERE

Hey babes! I am the new ambassador for Skinny Coffee Club and I am thrilled to try out this 28-day coffee program next to my gym work out! The coffee is organic and boasts a range of ingredients, which can be found on their website I listed above. These ingredients were chosen because of their fat burning properties bu putting the body into thermogenic state as well as boosting antioxidant levels in the body so it removes free radicals and thus allowing your body to absorb nutrients from your food and making weight loss easier when combined with a healthy eating and active lifestyle. It is fully vegan, speeds up your metabolism, gives you energy, cleanses your body and rejuvinates your skin too! I really agree with their saying that body goals start from the inside, because gym only gets you so far.

I will give you feedback after I'm done with the first program and meanwhile you can join in with me by grabbing your own coffee from their wide selection of programs. Make sure you include my 20% off discount code MERYL20 when ordering! Also explore their website for more reviews and other fun facts. Happy coffee brewing babes! <3 


Loungewear Set - Misspap/ shop HERE        Sneakers - Nike Air Force          Jacket - ASOS         Sunglasses - Lindex/ HERE

Happy Sunday all! How are you doing? On recent days I've spent my time between gym and going to a few places and today I will start off with another exam again. Yesterday we went to Jakriborg, but silly old me forgot to put her card into the camera and suddenly it started raining so we're going back soon and then I will make a post about this awesome gem here in South Sweden. See the photo from this place on my Instagram (@merylmgi).

I recently discovered loungewear sets, which are peeerfect for Sundays and for travelling. So comfortable and yet so stylish, just throw on a pair of sneakers and you're ready to go. Misspap has such a wide selection of different loungewear sets with all the colours an cuts. My pick was the camel set since it has these cool zippers on knees you can open and the colour goes so well with the Nike's. If you wanna have a Misspap loungewear set or want to pick out something else from their beautiful clothing range ( a bomber jacket perhaps?) then go crazy using my discount code MERYL10 to get 10% off on their website HERE! Happy shopping and don't forget to tag your new clothes with #misspapped on Instagram! <3


Vahvat pühapäeva! Kuidas teil kõigil läheb? Ma olen viimastel päevadel veetnud oma aega jõuka ja ringi seiklemise vahel ja täna alustan järjekordset eksami kirjutamist. Eile läksime Jakriborg'i, kuid ma olin suur tola ja unustasin panna kaamerasse mälukaardi ja siis hakkas veel sadama ka, nii et me läheme tagasi mõnel ilusal päeval ja siis teen sellest ägedast leiust siin Lõuna Rootsis ka blogisse postituse. Kui tahad näha juba mõnd fotot sellest kohast, siis suundu mu Instagram'i (@merylmgi).

Hiljuti avastasin enda jaoks dressikomplektid, mis on ideaalsed pühapäevadeks ja reisimiseks. Nii mugavad, aga samalajal stiilsed, lihtsalt viska jalga mingi kets ja oledki valmis. Misspap'is on väga suur valik erinevaid dressikomplekte erinevates värvides ja erinevate lõigetega. Minu valikuks osutus see kaamlikarva komplekt, kuna neil pükstel on lahedad avatavad lukud põlvedel ja värv läheb hästi kokku mu Nike'dega. Kui soovid endale ka Misspap'i dressikomplekti või valida midagi muud nende imeilusast riiete valikust (mõni bomber jakk ehk?), siis mine shoppa end hulluks kasutades mu allahindluskoodi MERYL10, et saada 10% alla nende veebilehel (SIIN)! Vahvat shoppamist ja ärge unustage taggida oma uued riided Instagramis hashtag'iga #misspapped!


Oh my how many photos I had to include! I have to do those Instagram posts more often not to pile up so much, but I want my readers to be able to follow my everyday life more through these posts so I still added almost all photos. It's also fun to see how my colour theme chances through weeks haha.

Again, I've posted only photos that are never posted on blog.

My instagram is @merylmgi


Pointy Lace-Up Ballerina Flats by Even&Odd

Trend aleeeeert! Lace-up trend is everywhere, but what is gonna be big this Summer is the lace-up flat. I know these ballerinas were already seen in the late Summer of 2015, but mostly in black so I decided black is a bit boring for me, so I went for these super cute light pink ballerinas. Can't wait to bare my legs and wear these with denim shorts and dresses! If you're not a big fan of the ballerina shoe then go for the sandal lace-up flats. Where to find them? Check your local Mango, Zara or just Google 'lace-up flats'. The sizes are starting to be sold out everywhere online. 


Uus trennnd! 'Üles nööritud' trend on juba igalpool, aga suvel saavad eriti moes olema üles-nööritud madalad jalanõud. Ma tean, et neid baleriinikingasid oli juba 2015 suve lõpu poole näha, aga enamasti musta värvi seega otsustasin, et must on minu jaoks liiga igav ja läksin nende imearmsate heleroosade õnge hoopis. Ei jõua ära oodata kuniks saab neid juba lühikeste teksade ja kleitidega kanda! Kui sa pole just suurim baleriinikingade fänn, siis ehk meeldivad sulle üles-nööritud sandaalid. Kust siis saada sellist stiili kingi? Vaata oma lähimasse Mango'sse või Zara'sse või lihtsalt Googelda 'lace-up flats'. Suurused hakkavad juba netis igaltpoolt otse lõppema.


Jacket, Skirt & Bag - H&M         Tights - Calzedonia/ HERE          Sneakers - Rebecca Stella for Nelly        T-shirt - Calvin Klein/ HERE

Spent such a lovely day with my girls Migle and Elise in Lomma today. Lomma is always such a lovely place to go for a walk, catch up and have coffee by the sea. Can't wait for it to get really warm so we could put our feet in the sand on the beach there. I love that little seaside, it's always so pure and clean, the houses are cute and pastel coloured and view to Malmö and Oresund bridge is so cool! A really easy place to find a photo spot, because everything looks so good and light, so I decided to have the blooming cherry blossoms in the background because who doesn't love these pink trees? Anyway, I can't believe it's soon the end of the second year in Lund University already and there's so much I would still love to do here. I don't even know where my two favourites are gonna head to study/work/live next and where am I gonna be in 2 years and how often we will get to meet!? At least I have one whole year ahead of me with these ladies, so we have to make it count! Thanks for the funny day girls and thanks Migle for the photos! 

The outfit turned out to be quite an H&M one haha, but let's face it, they have the best choice of basics! Since it's still too cold to wear a skirt with bare legs then I have the coolest tights to match. The ripped-style gives every outfit a bit of rock n' roll style to them and you could wear those with a coat and large boots or a leather jacket and Converse - they make make every basic outfit look exciting.


Veetsin täna nii toreda laupäeva Lommas Migle ja Elise'ga. Lomma on alati mõnus koht, kus jalutada, mere ääres kohvi juua ja jutustada. Ei jõua ära oodata kuniks on juba nii soe, et saab seal rannas ka varbad liiva pista. See mereäärne on mu üks lemmik kohti. See on alati nii puhas ja värske, majad on armsalt pastelsed ja vaade Malmöle ja Oresundi sillale on väga äge! Lihtne on leida seal pildistamiseks head kohta, kuna absoluutselt iga nurk näeb hea välja seega otsustasin taustaks jätta ilusa õitseva kirsipuu, sest miks mitte kasutada seda aega, kus nad õitsevad. Ma ei suuda uskuda, et kohe ongi läbi juba 2.aasta siin Lundi ülikoolis ja on nii palju veel asju, mida tahaks jõuda teha. Ma isegi ei tea, kus mu kaks sõbrannat edasi õppima/töötama/elama lähevad ja kus ma ise olen 2 aasta pärast ja kui tihti me üldse nägema hakkame!? Vähemalt on mul nendega veel üks terve aasta järel nii et peab viimast võtma! 

Outfit kujunes välja päris H&M haha, aga olgem ausad, neil on parim baasesemete valik! Kuna on veel liiga jahe, et kanda seelikut paljaste jalgadega, siis selleks on mul olemas kõige lahedamad sukad. 'Rebitud' stiil annab igale riietusele veidi rokiliku välimuse, ning neid saab kanda nii mantli kui tanksaabaste kui ka nahktagi ja Converse'dega - teevad iga tavalise riietuse põnevaks. 


I created my very first video wohoo! 

All the videos for my blog will now appear on this channel (Meryl's Blog) so I'd be happy if you'd subscribe! :)

Here I'm showing Kylie's Lip Kit in shade Candy K on myself. I have relatively light skin and naturally dark lip so it looks very different on me, but I really like it. I keep it that dark when I have more make-up on or when I go out, but for everyday wear I finish the lips with light yellow concealer to get that really cute light pink shade. 

The lip kit itself is fantastic. Everything I heard about it is true. It doesn't dry up your lips, it feels light. The pencil goes on like a crayon and its advised to paint the whole lip with it for longer stay. The liquid lipstick of course smells like Candy and is also so easy to apply. For me one layer is enough already. I tested it out by showering with it, eating, drinking and it was still on the same way by night, really strong stuff! I kept it classy here in this video, but I really like to go over the edge with the pencil and liquid lipstick because the pouty mouth you have after this is just so pretty. Fortunately, it doesn't show that you have 'painted over lines' because it covers so well. 

Next up either Mary Jo or Koko K, I'm sold Kylie!


Sain hakkama oma esimese videoga juhhhuu!

Kõik videod blogi jaoks ahkkavad ilmuma nüüd sellele kanalile (Meryl's Blog) seega ma oleks väga õnnelik subscribe'de üle! :)

Videos näitan Kylie Lip Kit'i toonis Candy K enda peal. Mul on üsnagi hele nahk ja tume naturaalne huul seega minu peal jääb see üpriski teistsugune, aga mulle meeldib see väga. Ma hoian selle nii tumeda, kui mul on rohkem meiki peal või kui lähen välja, aga igapäevaselt lisan huultele vähe helekollast peitekreemi, et saada selline ilus armas heleroosa toon.

Lip kit ise on täiesti fantastiline. Kõik, mis ma selle kohta kuulnud olin on tõsi. See ei kuivata huuli ja on kerge. Pliiats libiseb nagu rasvakriit ja soovitatav on värvida kogu huul üleni sellega, et veel paremini püsiks. Vedel huulepulk muidugi lõhnab nagu komm ja on ka väga kergelt peale kantav. Mulle piisab juba ühest kattest vägagi. Katsetasin selle püsivust ja käisin sellega dušiall, sõin ja jõin, ning see oli täpselt samasugune peal õhtul hiljem kui alguses, väga sitke kraam! Videos hoidsin sellega tagasihoidlikku joont, aga tegelikult meeldib mul nendega vähe üle joone minna, sest see punnis musisuu näeb sellega nii ilus välja, ausalt. Õnneks ei ole nendega näha, et on 'üle võlli' mindud vaid katab väga ilusti.

Järgmiseks Mary Jo või Koko K, ma olen igatahes müüdud!


Today I felt like listing a few facts about me that might be a bit funny or odd, so you could get to know me and my often odd side more better besides that fashion lover image I give out here everyday. Here's 15 of them and I would like to do another one some time later if you like this kind of posts. Let me know!

1. I eat A LOT of salty junk food and my favourite snacks are tomato flavoured chips, but my normal meals are healthy.

2. I am insanely and madly terrified of spiders.

3. I am and always have been a nerdy girl trying to score the highest grade in everything. I graduated high school with 4.8 out of 5 and one of my exams was one of the best results in Estonia and the best in my high school and I loved attending all kinds of nerdy competitions. I thank my old self for it everyday!

4. I've been a football fan since I was 8. I saw Brazil play in the World Cup final 2002 and loved the game instantly. By now I'm a huge fan of FC Barcelona, with a big dream to see their game at Camp Nou one day and still cheer for Brazil at World Cup's. Reason for these choices is the game style. I guess that strongly affected my boyfriend choice haha?

5. Besides 3 dogs I have a hamster Pipa, who has by now totally outlived the normal hamster lifetime.

6. I'm trying hard to gain a bit of weight. 

7. I tend to sign all of the animal rights petitions I see, I can never scroll over without signing and I have e-mails notifying me of new cases. These signatures really do help.

8. I love online shopping and can't go long without ordering something and during all those years only once a pair of shorts didn't fit me, everything else has been complete luck. 

9. I have really really bad eyesight.

10. I've never had many female friends, I mostly hung out with cool groups of guys with 1-2 girls because guys always had something fun planned and liked outdoorsy things over clubbing.

11. I've followed/watched live each and every single Joonas's game through all those 4 years, no excpetions (even when he was on the bench). 

12. My mom's opinion is highly important to me. 

13. I didn't like Joonas at all until I met him. We had the same group of friends and at some point of the year, these friends were overly hyped about him visiting from Sweden and he was always late and disappeared somewhere. I was so annoyed like 'Who does this guy think he is?' Then I met him, talked to him and realized he has the biggest heart and I actually like this guy a lot!

14. My reputation has always been super important to me, coming from a really small town with only 20,000 residents. 

15. I tried to look like hara-juku in my teenage years and people kept asking why I have bowties in my hair.

Let me know if anything matches you! 



Some of them are already super used, so they look a bit more worn out.

Hey girls, another beauty post and as promised, I would show you the rest of my everyday make-up favourites. You can find the first (and longer) post about the insides of my make-up bag HERE. As I mentioned in the last post, some of my favourites were left behind at J's place in Tallinn so I couldn't show them, but now they're back in Sweden with me and I've also managed to get my hands on some very new favourites in the mean time, so I put them here too. Unfurtunately, my favourite liquid eyeliner from Maybelline remained lost at J's place, maybe he ate it.. Anywhooo let's get to the list!


1. Essence XXXL Nude Lip Gloss 
                                                2. Kylie Lip Kit in shade Candy K (lipliner and matte liquid lipstick)
                 3. Maybelline Lipstick in shade Brazen Beige 
         4. Rimmel Lipliner in shade Cappuccino


                                   1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit in medium/light
2. Clarins Blush in Miami Pink
                3. Max Factor Brow Pencil in shade Hazel
                                   4. Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua Foundation in shade Beige

So that's the rest of it! Again if you are interested in some of those and need help finding them online then tell me in the comments, happy to help! Oh and about the Kylie Lip Kit, I know a lot of you have requested a review and I am already working on it, I've already done photos and so, but haven't decided yet if I should do it as a video (which I've never done before so that's why my make-up tutorial is terribly late too) or as photos.. let me know what you would like more! Hope you found these make-up posts helpful! <3


Hei neiud, järjekordne iluteemaline postitus ning nagu lubatud toon teieni oma meigikoti ülejäänud sisu ehk siis siit tulevad mu igapäevameigi lemmiktooted. Esimese (ja pikema) postituse mu meigikoti sisust leiab SIIT. Nagu rääkisin siis osad mu lemmik meigitarbed ununesid Tallinnasse Joonase korterisse ja sellepärast ei saanud ma neid ka eelnevas postituses näidata, aga nüüd on nad minuga Rootsis ja vahepeal olen enda jaoks juba mõned uued lemmiktooted juurde leidnud seega viskan need ka siia. Kahjuks mu lemmik vedel silmalainer Maybelline'ilt jäigi Joonase juurde kadunuks, võib-olla sõi ta selle ära.. aaaga see selleks, asume listi juurde!


1. Essence XXXL Nude huuleläige
                                                  2. Kylie Lip Kit toonis Candy K (huulepliiats ja vedel matt huulepulk)
                3. Maybelline huulepulk toonis Brazen Beige
           4. Rimmel huulepliiats toonis Cappuccino


                            1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit medium/light
         2. Clarins põsepuna toonis Miami Pink
          3. Max Factor kulmupliiats toonis Hazel
                                   4. Chanel Vitalumiére Aqua jumestuskreem toonis Beige

Ja ongi nad kõik kirjas! Jälelgi kui olete mõnest neist väga huvitatud ja vajate abi netist otsimisega, siis kirjutage mulle kommentaaridesse ja aitan rõõmuga! Kylie Lip Kit'ist rääkides, siis päris paljud teist on juba soovinud review'i selle kohta ja see on tulekul, pildimaterjal on kõik valmis, aga on vaja veel otsustada, kas teha see videovormis (mis oleks mulle väga keeruline, kuna see oleks mu esimene video ja selle põhjuse taha on kinni jäänud ka mu igapäevameigi video) või piltidena... andke mulle teada, kumb variant teile rohkem meeldiks! Loodan, et nendest meigipostitustest oli abi! <3


Dress - Selsi Style         Shoes - Nelly/ HERE        Leather Jacket - ASOS        Wrapped Sweater - H&M Basics

I'm back in Sweden now and ready to get this studying going again. I feel very happy and relaxed after my short vacation in Estonia. On the last day we visited the new cinema in the Mustamäe mall and booked the 'star-seats' there and my honest opinion is that everyone should try it out really. This is honestly a whole new level of movie watching. You have this comfortable soft and big leather seat and with a click of a button you can have your legs up and just lay there comfortably. No more uncomfrotable seats with no room for legs (especially feeling sorry for my almost 2m long boyfriend) and despite that you can order food from a tiny screen , how cool is that? Ran out of popcorn or feeling like a nice coctail? Waiter boy will bring you some! It's like a 200m walk from J's place too, so I think we're never going anywhere else ever again, what a winner of a place! This is my personal honest opinion, it was just that great that I had to share (and well promised too haha).

The outfit for this beautiful Sunday is a mix of casual and formal. I really love that grey dress from Selsi Style (find their clothing selection HERE) since it can be dressed up and down with different accessories. Sometimes when I feel that an outfit looks too dressed up or boring, I love to wrap different things around my waist like sweaters, leather jacket, whatever fits. Do ignore the weird lines on my legs, I don't know where I had been sitting and how before those photos but haha there they are! Have a happy Sunday!


Olen jälle tagasi Rootsis ja valmis taaskord õpinguid ründama. Enesetunne on väga rõõmus ja puhanud pärast lühikest puhkust Eestis. Viimasel päeval külastasime uut kino Mustamäe keskuses, broneerisime 'staaritoolid' ja mu aus arvamus on see, et igaüks peab selle järele proovima. Mu jaoks oli see täiesti uus filmi vaatamise tase. Istud mõnusas suures nahktugitoolis ja nupuvajutusega saad minna sellega lamangasendisse ja oma jalad üles visata. Ei mingeid ebamugavaid istmeid ega 0 ruumi jalgadele enam (eriti kahju oli mul alati Joonasest, kes on pea 2m pikk) ja peale selle saad omale väikselt ekraanilt süüa/juua ka tellida - kui äge see veel on? Popkorn sai otsa või tunned, et tahaksid väikest kokteili? Las teenerpoiss toob sulle! See on 200m Joonase korterist ka seega me ei külasta vist enam kunagi ühtki teist kino Tallinnas. See koht on puhas võit ja see on mu isiklik aus arvamus. Lihtsalt oligi niivõrd hea koht mu jaoks, et pean muljeid jagama (ja muidugi lubasin jagada haha). 

Tänane ilusa pühapäeva outfit on pool pidulik ja pool igapäevane. Mulle väga meeldib see kleit Selsi Style'ist (leia nende riietevalik SIIT) kuna seda saab erinevate aksessuaaridega pidulikumaks muuta või igapäevaseks. Vahest on tunne, et riietus on liiga üles löödud või üldse igav, siis mulle meeldib alati midagi ümber vöökoha siduda. Näiteks nahktagi, dressikat, mis iganes sobib. Muidugi ignoreerige neid veidraid jooni mu jalgadel haha. Ma ei tea, kus ma istusin või kuidas ma istusin enne neid pilte, aga vot seal nad on! Rõõmsat pühapäeva!

In collaboration with SelsiStyle.


Evo shampoo and conditioner from

Had a nice giggle when I first opened the box from Cutrico. The Evo shampoo and conditioner have such cool designs with funny texts to cheer you up. You can see one of the texts on the picture above and the other one from my Instagram (@merylmgi). And of course I tested them out. First the smell of both of them is really spectacular. It's not fresh or fruity as shampoo's and conditioners usually tend to be. It's like men's fragrance, but isn't masculine, it's just a really luxurious smell and again no it's not manly but at first might remind you of a typical men fragrance haha. I love it though! I have to say that changing shampoo's at first doesn't work well for me, since my hair is kind of used to one product, so what I can tell you is that Evo really makes your hair silky and yes you actually feel like a race horse in the wind as the packaging says. Some products just make you touch your hair all the time and these are one of those. Well Evo is a really known brand in the hair-world, so I wasn't expecting anything less than great. You have my recommendation and can buy the products from Estonian site Cutrico (link above) and also check out all the other great hair products they have from shampoo's to hair extensions.


Cutrico paki sisu ajas mind ikka väga itsitama. Evo šampoonil ja palsamil on nii lahe disain koos tekstidega, mis teevad kohe tuju heaks. Ühte neist tekstidest näete pildil ülal ja teise leiab mu Instagramist (@merylmgi). Muidugi ma ka katsetasin nad järele. Kõigepealt nende lõhn on kuidagi väga eriline. Need pole värsked ega puuviljaned nagu šampoonid ja palsamid tavaliselt on. Neil oleks just kui meeste parfüümi lõhn, aga see pole selline mehine, lihtsalt tundub väga luksuslik. Ausalt see pole mehine vaid lihtsalt esialgsel nuusutamisel võib meeste parfüümi meenutada haha! Väga meeldib igatahes! PEan ausalt ütlema, et šampooni vahetamine ei mõju mulle tavaliselt hästi, kuna juuksed on harjunud ühte tüüpi šampooniga, aga saan teile öelda, et Evo tõesti teeb juuksed väga siidiseks ja sa tõesti tunned end kui ratsahobune tuule käes nagu üks pakenditest väidab. Mõningad tooted ajavad oma juukseid kogu aeg katsuma pärast kasutamist ja need on just sellised tooted. Kuna Evo on teada-tuntud bränd juustemaailmas, siis ma ei lootnudki vähemat kui väga head tulemust. Soovitan kindlasti ja tooted leiate Eesti lehelt nimega Cutrico (link ülal) ning vaadake kindlasti üle ka nende teised tooted, šampoonidest juuksepikendusteni.


In collaboration with Cutrico.


Hey all! Wanted to let you know I was chosen to do an interview as the blogger of the week in my new blog platform I'm talking a bit about myself, my style and give out some fashion tips. Also I talk about Joonas, how it is like to be a girlfriend of a professional footballer and also about my latest Lindex campaign shoot. Some photos also included and my vision about where I see myself in 5 years. 

The interview is in English and you can find it HERE! Happy reading loves! 


Hei teie kõik! Tahtsin teile teada anda, et mind valiti nädala blogija intervjuuks mu uuel blogiplatvormil! Räägin pisut endast, oma stiilist ning jagan oma stiilinippe. Räägin ka Joonasest ja sellest, kuidas on olla professionaalse jalgpalluri tüdruksõber ning räägin ka viimatisest Lindex'i kampaania pildistamisest. Kõrvalt leiab ka pildimaterjali ja minu visiooni, kus ma end 5 aasta pärast näen.

Intervjuu on inglise keeles ja selle leiab SIIT! Vahvat lugemist! 


Bomber Jacket - MissPap/ HERE      Sneakers - Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Cement        Leggings - Cubus/ HERE        Cropped Hoodie - H&M/ similar HERE       Bag - Calvin Klein

So just before my travel I got myself 3 new pairs of different coloured leggings because I knew that I was going to travel back and forth with planes, trains, cars and buses during my stay and jeans are out of the question, especially early in the mornings. So this here outfit has been my travelling gear during last days and every single inch of it is so comfy! Also the cropped hoodie looks so cool with the badged bomber. So happy weather is finally good enough to wear this beautiful bomber jacket, it has the most beautiful shade of green, especially in sunlight. And if you wonder how I got the hoodie look like that - I got the size L normal cropped hoodie from H&M and cut it shoter so it would look ripped.

Yesterday I went to see J's game with his mom and I was glad to be back in the A Le Coq Arena vip room finally after freezing my legs off on other fields. Warmth, snacks and drinks and a balcony is what football watching should be haha. Now I came back to my hometown to pack my things for Sweden and say bye, tomorrow I'm leaving for Tallinn again and we're gonna go visit the brand new cinema before I leave. We booked the 'star seats' that you can lay on and order food during the movie. Will let you know how it was!


Enne reisi soetasin endale 3 paari erinevat värvi retuuse, sest ma teadsin, et mind ootab ees palju reisimist lennukite, rongide, busside ja autodega seega teksad ei tule kõne allagi, eriti varajastel hommikutel. Seega see outfit on olnud mu põhiline varustus viimastel päevadel ja iga väike sendimeeter sellest on nii mugav! Poolik dressikas näeb ka väga lahe välja embleemidega bomber jakiga. Lõpuks ometi on ilm parajalt soe, et saab selle ilusa bomber'iga ringi seigelda, see tumeroheline sillerdab nii vahvalt päikese käes. Kui keegi mõtleb, kuidas ma sellise pooliku dressika sain, siis ma võtsin H&M'ist kõige tavalisema pooliku dressika L suuruses ja lõikasin lihtsalt kääridega lühemaks, et saada selline rebitud välimus. 

Eile käisin järjekordset Joonase mängu vaatamas ja seekord tema emaga. Väga hea meel oli viimaks tagasi A Le Coq Arena vip-ruumis olla, sest siiani olen kõvasti oma jalgu külmetanud teistel väljakutel. Soe tuba, snäkid, joogid ja eraldi rõdu on kõik, mida ideaalseks jalkaks vaja haha! Tulin hommikul VIljandi, et pakkida oma asjad kokku Rootsiks ja öelda tsau, homme lähen tagasi Tallinna, et külastada uut Mustamäe kino. Broneerisime 'staaritoolid', millel saab kenasti lamada ja sööki tellida filmi ajal. Annan siis teada ka siin kuidas oli!


Faux Fur - H&M x Balmain      Skirt - H&M      Boots - Ego/ HERE      Body - River Island/ HERE      Choker - Ginatricot     Bag - Calvin Klein

Hey all, hope you had a great weekend! I decided to post my last Saturday's dinner outfit here and add the 90's style choker to the look. The look is all black and I really love the combination of the leather skirt, the wrap body and this Calvin Klein crossbody, you can add what ever shoes or jacket to a combination like that. This CK bag is my new favourite thing. I saw it on Instagram and immeditely had to get it. Haha I searched for it online for sooo long, but it was sold out everywhere. Then I contacted DenimDream stores in Estonia and they said they have one more left in the outlet in Tallinn, so since I was still in Sweden I had to tell J to get it and well he usually would not agree to chase a bag but I guess he really heard from my voice how much I want it haha.

I've been enjoying my stay sooo much! I now finished my essay too so I can fully relax with peace on my mind for a few days. So what have I been up to? Besides stressing about the exam essay I had a photoshoot with Lindex, which you can see in the latest posts, then I had a photoshoot with my friends and enjoyed my time at home. Also visited the hairstylist, as you can see from the photos I'm back to quite blonde hair now. The ombre look was fun and beautiful but I felt like a change towards Summer. Then I headed back to Tallinn to see the Estonia - Serbia national game and I really liked watching the game and the lounge dinner with the team, associates and girlfriends after, eventhough J didn't get his game time this time it was all fun. And then I returned home for some time and again got back to watch J's club game in Tallinn and then we came back together to have a super nice day in our hometown. Now again I'm preparing to go back to Tallinn in the evening and yes you might thing I'm crazy for driving back and forth every 1-2 days but I just wanna try to spread my time between everything I wanted to do during my break and J and my home. Tomorrow I'm gonna meet up with my girl Kätriin over long time and watch another game of J's late in the evening. His schedule is also so busy so it's hard to plan everything, but I've managed to handle all up until now haha! Talk to you soon! <3


Hei kõigile, loodan, et teil oli väga tore nädalavahetus! Otsustasin oma eelmise laupäeva õhtusöögi-look'i siia postitada ja lisasin juurde 90ndate stiilis choker kaelaehte. Outfit on üleni must ja mulle nii meeldib selle nahkseeliku, Calvin Kleini koti ja risti hõlmadega body kombinatsioon, selle juurde saab lisada misiganes jalanõud ja jaki. See Calvin Kleini kott on mu uus lemmikese. Nägin seda mõnda aega tagasi Instagramis ja teadsin, et pean selle kätte saama. Otsisin siis tükkaega kogu Google läbi ja igaltpoolt oli see välja müüdud. Võtsin siis ühendust Eesti DenimDream'iga ja nad väitsid, et neil on üks kott veel Tallinna outlet'is jäel. Kuna ma ise Rootsis alles olin, siis helistasin Joonasele, et tema peab selle mulle nüüd ära tooma haha. Tavaliselt ei viitsiks ta mingi koti järele minna, aga seekord sai ta vist mu häälest aru, et ma väga väga tahan seda.

Oi mul on olnud tore puhkus siiani! Sain oma esseega ka ühele poole, seega saan päris rahulikult puhata veel mõne päeva. Millega ma siis tegelenud olen? Peale eksami essee pärast stressamist oli mul pildistamine Lindex'iga nagu näeb viimastest postitustest. Siis oli mu photoshoot sõpradega Viljandis ja külastasin ka juuksurit. Piltidelt on vast märgata, et olen tagasi blondim. Ombre oli küll vahva ja ilus, aga ma väga tahtsin mingit muutust ja otsustasin suve poole tagasi heledaks minna. Siis suundusin ma tagasi Tallinna, et vaadata Eesti - Serbia koondisemängu. Väga vahva oli vaadata mängu ja hiljem tiimi, asjaosaliste ja tüdruksõpradega lounge'is õhtust süüa. Kuigi Joonas oma mänguminuteid seekord ei saanud oli see kõik omaette tore juba! Pärast mängu tulin jälle tagasi Viljandi, et olla veidi kodus ja siis suundusin järgmiseks Joonase mänguks Tallinna ja sealt tulime juba koos tagasi, et veeta super päev meie kodulinnas. Täna õhtul suundun jälle tagasi Tallinna ja te juba ilmselt mõtlete, et ma olen puhta segane, et iga 1-2 päeva tagant TAllinna või Viljandi sõidan, aga ma tõesti tahan jõuda teha kõike, mida plaanisin oma puhkuse jooksul ja pean jagama aega Joonase ja kodu vahelt. Homme saan kokku Kätriiniga üle pika aja ja vaatan järjekordset Joonase mängu hiljem õhtul. Tema graafik on ka praegu nii tihe, et asjade planeerimine on väfa raske, aga siiani olen kenasti hakkama saanud veel haha! Räägib peagi! <3