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Skinny Coffee Club's 28-day program coffee HERE

Hey babes! I am the new ambassador for Skinny Coffee Club and I am thrilled to try out this 28-day coffee program next to my gym work out! The coffee is organic and boasts a range of ingredients, which can be found on their website I listed above. These ingredients were chosen because of their fat burning properties bu putting the body into thermogenic state as well as boosting antioxidant levels in the body so it removes free radicals and thus allowing your body to absorb nutrients from your food and making weight loss easier when combined with a healthy eating and active lifestyle. It is fully vegan, speeds up your metabolism, gives you energy, cleanses your body and rejuvinates your skin too! I really agree with their saying that body goals start from the inside, because gym only gets you so far.

I will give you feedback after I'm done with the first program and meanwhile you can join in with me by grabbing your own coffee from their wide selection of programs. Make sure you include my 20% off discount code MERYL20 when ordering! Also explore their website for more reviews and other fun facts. Happy coffee brewing babes! <3 

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