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Hey fashionstas, August is already (how!?) here and Fall has hit the stores hard. Since this seems the most suitable time to review upcoming Fall trends, then let's get to it! As always, I put together a collage for you, trying to find every piece online that you should keep an eye on and well we all know Fall is the end of Summer, which is sad, but it's the best time to wear so many gorgeous things and usually has the most trends as you can see here. So...

1. Starry patterns - I actually had no idea of this trendng, until I saw these pieces in so many new collections like Ivyrevel's for example. Starting to like this more and more, since these dresses and jumpsuits would be cool to style with a waist belt and boots.

2. Velvet - probably the biggest trend of them all. Velvet is everywhere now! Boots, dresses, trenchcoats, pants, you name it. If it's a slip dress, then wear a turtleneck or basic white shirt under it.

3. Chokers - they were here all Summer and still continue to be a statement piece in Fall. Summer had more minimalistic ones, but Fall will bring a lot of big and exciting ones, like for example the belt one pictured.

4. Pleats - yayy for pleated midi skirts! Wear it with black boots and leather jacket and you'll look gorgeous, trust me! I prefer the silver colours and lighter shades though. I think dusty pink or light grey with black boots is a really cool combination.

5. Satin and silk - I don't know how much they are trending during Fall, but I see satin and silk wrap dresses everywhere and I am totally captivated. Still haven't found the perfect one for myself yet, thinking of something light grey...

6. Bomber jackets - they are still here yup, but during Fall they come in a bit longer versions for 'keeping warm' purposes I guess. Also it appears to be trendy to wear jackets off-shoulders, while having an off-shoulders top under.

7. Way-too-long sleeves - I wore that kind of dress to Estonian blogging awards this year and loved it so much! Glad to see it being brought to Fall aswell. John Zack has the perfect white and black ones in my opinion.

8. Leather dress - would recommend again wearing a trutleneck or basic white buttoned shirt under this. So pretty!

9. Leather jacket - well this is a every season basic, but I put it here, because it looks cool with almost everything I listed here and I also found this almost off-shoulder version to include here.

10. Over the knee boots - my favourite thing of all the things that are still in fashion. Irreplaceable boots that every woman should have in their closet. 

11. Pom-pom shoes - pom-pom's are this little colourful balls (?) gathered on top of heels, sandals, etc. In Estonian Fall climate I would say NO, but if going on a holiday to a bit warmer place then YES.

12. Chunky belts - wear these on jeans, dresses, playsuits. They really add a lot to a look and stores have so many cool looking ones now.

13. Sock boots - I don't know what their real name is, maybe it is a sock boot, but well they are like socks to me. I saw these already in Spring, but didn't feel like getting a pair towards Summer, but now the ones pictured here are already on their way to me from Mango haha. These are really easy to wear to everything and are a really great substitute to a basic black block heel boot. 

Pheww, long list! But I would also add here tan coloured pieces, pantsuits (why not in velvet if you're bold?) and tulle skirts and dresses. I have a tulle dress from Zara, that is a see-through one, so you can wear something underneath it. Gonna show that one real soon on blog! But okay, I hope you found that helpful, because I really enjoy creating these every season and it's a good way to catch up with everything that is in. If any particular piece pictured caught your eye then don't hesitate to comment below and I will send over the links!



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