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Iphone photos from Weekend Festival Baltic 2016



Finallly this post is happening! For the second time I visited the Baltic version of Weekend Festival, which has been held only twice in Estonia at Pärnu beach. The first year blew me away in every way, it was so amazing, so me and the girls didn't think long about going again. This year it was kind of disappointing however in so many ways, but still I really loved it, because I saw every artist I wanted to see and well this festival never fully disappoints, because it's just that good, the vibe is always fun! 

So day 1, Thursday, is when I took all the photos, because the weather was actually really nice. Sorry about all the ferris wheel and firework snaps, because I tend to be a basic girl loving ferris wheels and fireworks haha. First day, however, the main big stage was broken until 10pm, so this kind of ruined the whole day and some artists couldn't even perform, but we saw Aoki throw huge cakes at people and Avicii, so that was enough to make my day.

Second day the weather was horrrrible, rain rain and rainnn. But but it was the best day when it came to the performers. We arrived there when Axwell and Ingrosso were on and after that I could listen to my most favourite Otto Knows yaaay! It was nice since I could hear my favourite songs, but then Showtek came on and even if you don't like Showtek, they really know how to get a festival going. They were sooo good last year and this year aswell! Yadayada moving forward to the night where Martin Garrix literally killed it and sadly that's when the rain got so bad, that we actually left before Tiesto, but oh well. Oh we also listened a bit to Alan Walker aswell. 

Me and Sandra only stayed for two days, but Lisbeth continued on Saturday and got the perfect weather and everything, so jealous! Why I didn't go on Saturday was because of J's football game I wanted to see and because I didn't fnd anyone I particularly like on the performers list. 

Really hope next year is gonna be much better in every way, especially the organisation and the weather. But I guess the first time is always the most exciting one, right?

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