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2016 -> 2017

Photos - Paul Meiesaar         Editing - by me

BYE 2016, HELLO 2017!!

I guess it's already time to reflect back on 2016.. time flies too much guys! I think my 2016 wasn't something HUGE or life-changing or outstanding, but just a good year overall with nothing to specifically bring out. I started my 3rd year at university, spent such a great time with J, friends and family and made of course a lot of great new friends along the way. Me and J went on a vacation (finallllyyy) together in the Caribbean which I really loved and it was a really good year for the blog aswell. I think the most important part was that I became more and more aware of what I like, what I want and who I would see myself as in 2017 and the years to come. I learned a lot and that's how I saw my whole 2016. 

As I also brought out in my yesterday's Instagram post, differently for me, the world itself saw a pretty astonishing and horrible 2016. I don't know why I can't recall many really good things that happened this year. There was so much cruelty, so many bad surprises and candidates, so much anger and intolerance, and most imporantly so many new changes that will start shaping this world into a different place more or less. 2016 was scary, and I just really hope 2017 won't be, but all these events weren't temporary, but we will have to carry them on into 2017. So what I ask for you is to try to shape your surroundings at least into a better place next year. Spend time with your friends and family, be patient and tolerant with other people, do little or big good things and try to make this world a better place starting step by step with yourself first. Donate for Syria, buy eggs that aren't from chicken kept in cages (note: find the code on the eggs package that starts with a number that is less than 3), spot a dog freezing outside in the yard and say something to the owner, vote, donate to a local charity that helps misfortunate families, volunteer or take a big bag of dog food and old blankets to an animal shelter (I do that annually every Christmas). 

2017 however will be a year of BIG changes for me. My university will end in June, so I will have to make big changes and decisions in my life now, J's contract will come to an end in Flora, so he is gonna move to some other country by the end of that year...I'm worried and excited at once. My comfortable, routine life will come to an end and I have to leap head first into completely new waters. January will start with applying for different master's, but I don't know if I will have a skip year between bachelor's and master's or not, but I'll keep all the options open and see where J maybe takes me? Scaaaaryyy haha!

Thank you for this lovely year my readers, friends and family! You da best!! Hope everyone has a cheerful and fun New Year's Eve and talk to you next year! <3

(I'm in a lot of rush today, so I will have this big text only in English. Täna on mul hirmus kiire päev, seega jätan selle pika teksti seekord vaid inglise keelseks.) 


Up:    1. HERE         2. HERE        3. HERE        4. HERE       5. HERE

Down: 1. HERE      2. HERE         3. HERE        4. HERE           5. HERE


Time for sales peeps! Above I listed some gorgeous pieces from different webshop sales that I would like to magically swoop into my closet. A lot of Malene Birger here, but hey, this pattern is always such a gorgeous addition to an outfit. So I'm gonna list 10 of my favourite websites and their sales here:

1. - up to 60% off

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Happy shopping! <3


Camera and Iphone snaps from Puerto Rico.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas with their favourite people, lots of food and happy memories! As it snows a little outside right now, it's perfect to share the last bunch of Puerto Rican snaps with you! Most of these are from Culebra island, since it was probably the most beautiful place we managed to visit on this colourful island. I also created a new category on blog named TRAVEL, where I added all the latest travel posts, but I didn't feel like digging up the ancient posts from my other travels and well I haven't been able to do that for such a long time because of my school and J's football schedule. But hey, living abroad is already pretty awesome! I promised myself that in 2017, I will start one by one seeing the rest of the European countries/famous cities I haven't been able to. I'm glad I've seen most of Europe by now, but there are still a few places I neeeed to visit!  

Hope you liked these posts and there is one more to come in near days with top 10 things to do/see in Puerto Rico. We have some weird storm here right now, so I'm not really able to post any outdoorsy outfit photos, but they will be here as soon as the weather gets a little better. 

Enjoy the holiday season!! <3


Loodan, et kõigil olid väga toredad jõulud koos oma lemmik inimestega, rohke toidu ning heade mälestustega! Kuna hetkel sajab pisut lund väljas, siis ongi ideaalne aeg jagada viimast hulka Puerto Rico snap'e teiega! Enamik neist on seekord Culebra saarelt, kuna see ilmselt oli kõige kõige ilusam koht, mis me jõudsime külastada sellel värvikal saarel. Ma lõin ka uue kategooria blogisse nimega TRAVEL (reisid), kuhu ma lisasin juba kõik viimatised reisipostitused, kuid ma ei hakanud üles kaevama neid iidseid kunagisi reisipostitusi ja ega ma lähiajal polegi saanud väga kusagil ringi rännata ülikooli ning J jalkaplaani tõttu. Aga pole hullu, välismaal elamine on iseenesest väga super! Lubasin endale 2017. aastaks, et üritan ükshaaval külastada ülejäänusid Euroopa riike/kuulsamaid linnasid, mida siiani veel pole. Mul on hea meel, et olen enamiku Euroopast juba ära näinud, aga mõned kohad on veel jäänud, mida lihtsalt ju peab külastama!

Loodan, et reisipildid meeldisid ning üks taoline postitus teemal top 10 Puerto Rico to do/to see on veel lähipäevil tulekul. Meil on mingi veider torm siin praegu, seega ma pole saanud ühtegi outfit'i pilti väljas eriti teha, aga nii kui ilm paraneb, hakkavad ka need ilmuma taas.

Vahvat pühade aega!! <3


Dress - Angelica Blick x BikBok/ HERE (sold out online, but available in stores)        Boots - Misspap/ HERE  

Photos - Paul Meiesaar (find his page HERE)
Editing - by me    

Merry Christmas to all of my lovely readers!! <3

I am so happy to have you all, you make me want to keep going for the third year already and I wouldn't have achieved anything without you by my side. Thank you so much for all the support and I hope you have the sweetest Christmas this year with your family and friends! 

I think it has already become a tradition for me to show up at Paul's studio to shoot at the Christmas corner! Already third time I am able to upload these beautiful photos. It amazes me how he can actually make his Christmas corners in the studio more and more beautiful each year. Every year I'll go there with words like "nope Paul, this is it, it can't get prettier than this", but he can and he will each time haha! I will confidently say he has the best eye for designing these among allll Estonian photographers, besides being of course an awesomely good photographer aswell. I mean...look at all the details..Really happy to call this talented person my friend! Merry Christmas to you too Paul!!

Right now I'm writing this post at J's parents place, because we had a Christmas warm-up dinner here yesterday night. I already ate so much last night and now I'm gonna chow down even more tonight because we're gonna have the same routine as each year - first J's cousins dinner, where we will try to leave half of our stomachs empty and then we head to my parents' place for mooooore foooood. Gotta love Christmas already for that though hahah! It's such a happy time of the year, can't wait for tonight! 


Ilusaid ilusaid jõule kõigile mu armsatele lugejatele!! <3

Mul on nii hea meel, et te mul siin olemas olete, te panete mind seda jätkama juba kolmandat aastat ning ma poleks ilma teieta mu kõrval mitte midagi saavutanud! Aitäh kogu toetuse eest läbi kõigi nende aastate ja ma loodan, et teil on tohutult armsad jõulud oma pere ja sõprade seltsis! 

Ma arvan, et minu jaoks on juba saanud traditsiooniks hüpata läbi Pauli stuudio jõulunurgast iga aasta! Juba kolmandat korda on võimalus siia postitada neid imekauneid pilte. Mind paneb tõeliselt imestama, kuidas ta suudab oma jõulunurgad iga aasta aina ilusamaks ja ilusamaks ehitada. Iga aasta olen läinud sinna sõnadega, et "eipp Paul, enam sellest ju ilusamaks minna ei saa", aga igakord ta ikkagi suudab seda haha! Võin enesekindlalt väita, et ta on Eesti fotograafidest parim selliste nurkade disainimisel peale selle, et on muidugi üks vingemaid fotograafe samuti. Lihtsalt vaadake neid detaile...mul on nii hea meel, et saan sellist andekat inimest oma sõbraks kutsuda! Häid jõule sullegi Paul!! 

Kirjutan hetkel seda postitust J vanemate kodus, sest eile oli meil nendega selline jõulusoojendus õhtusöök eile. Sõin juba eile nii palju häid asju ja täna pean alla pistma veeel rohkemgi. Ees ju ootab sama rutiin, mis iga aasta - esmalt külastame J sugulaste õhtusööki, kus peame jätma pool kõhust tühjaks ja siis suundume järgmisele õhtusöögile mu vanemate juurde, kus peab sööma veeeeeel toiiiitu. Jõulud lihtsalt peavad meeldima juba sellel põhjusel hahah! Nii vahva aeg see ikka, ei jõua õhtut ära oodata! 


Top - Motel Rocks/ HERE        Jeans - NAKD/ HERE        

Happppy pre-Christmas day!! So here's a little set of photos with my new favourite lace crop top. I'm not a big fan of lace usually, but this lace top from Motel Rocks is just so different and I especially love the stripes on sleeves and neck and of course the lash lace on te sleeves aswell. It really is a gorgeous crop top that you can wear to winter parties and why not even on New Year's Eve? Looks good with black jeans, blue jeans and all kinds of skirts, but I think it would look the best with a pair of more formal pants to make the look really classy, but also fun.

I am back in VIljandi now and J's also gonna come here tonight, because we're having a little 'warm up' Christmas dinner with his parents. We also had a little Christmas spirited dinner in Tallinn two days ago with our friends from J's team. It's always so nice to meet up with them! Yesterday I also visitied Paul's studio in Viljandi and you will see the result here tomorrrooow! I'm half way with editing the photos and I just love them sooo much already! He's such a talent! 

Talk to you tomorrow!! <3 


Toredat ja rõõmsat jõulueelset päeva kõigile!! Siin on mõned pildid mu uue lemmiku pitsist crop top'iga. Ma ei ole kuigi suur pitsifänn tavaliselt, aga see Motel Rocks'i pits topp on kuidagi nii erinev ja mulle eriti meeldivad just need triibud käistel ning krael ning muidugi see ripsmestiilis pits varrukatel. See on tõesti üks super kaunis crop top, mida saab ka talvepidudel kanda ja miks mitte aastavahetuse õhtul? Näeb väga hea välja nii mustade kui ka siniste teksadega ja igasugu erinevate seelikutega, kuid ma arvan, et parima look'i saaks kui lisada sinna juurde mustad pidulikumad püksid, et look oleks vähe klassikalisem, aga siiski äge. 

Olen nüüd tagasi Viljandis jälle ja J tuleb ka siia täna, kuna meil on tema vanematega väike jõuludesoojendus õhtusöök. Meil oli ka väga tore jõulude moodi õhtusöök meie sõpradega J tiimist paar päeva tagasi Tallinnas. Nendega on alati nii vahva kokku saada! Eile külastasin ka Pauli stuudiot Viljandis ja selle tulemust näeb juba hommmmeee! Olen pooled pildid ära töödelnud ning need meeldivad mulle nii väga juba praegu.. Paul on super talent ikka! 

Homseni! <3 


One of my goals for that Puerto Rican vacation was to chace a few waterfalls, because I am very much obsessed with them! So besides the ones we saw in the El Yunque Rainforest, we also went to visit the Gozalandia ones and boy was that an adventure. That was the very first trip we took with our rental car alltogether after Kristi and Karol arrived, and we actually had to spend most of that day in the car haha, because finding these waterfalls was TOUGH!! In total I think we made 20 wrong turns and asked the same amount of locals for directions, while a gang of very weird and prooobably lawnmowers guided us with their car in front at some point. The GPS we were provided was one of the worst kind that led us to the most creepiest and weirdest places and ghettos in the west part of Puerto Rico so we couldn't rely on that at all, plus it didn't know half of the places I had planned for that day... But through all that and a few wall-angled roads up up up we made it there and the waterfalls were amazing! The first one was a large one where you could swim a lot and jump down from and the second one was farther away where you can jump into the water with a rope, but the waterfall itself is rather small. Felt like such an untouched place (no wonder with the difficulties to find it) and the first waterfall was truly one of the most beautiful sights as it was in the middle of a jungle-like forest and clear. Really happy we actually made it there and got to cool down in the water, but next we had to find a proper beach and well that didn't go as well too, but oh well, was fun anyway!

Long story about some waterfall, but I felt like writing it down here and well, I just love waterfalls! Heading to Tallinn tomorrow to hop by Lindex Showroom and meet up a few friends I haven't seen for such a long time now. Can allow myself a few relaxed days since I just sent in another paper and will start the final exam after tomorrow. Have a great week guys and I hope you like that kind of stories to the pictures! <3


Üks mu eesmärkidest sellel Puerto Rico reisil oli 'ajada taga' erinevaid koskesid, kuna ma olen üsnagi obsessed nendest! Seega peale nende, mida nägime El Yunque vihmametsas, otsustasime külastada ka Gozalandia koskesid ja oi oli see alles seiklus. See oli kõige esimene roadtrip, mis me ette võtsime kõik koos, kui Karol ja Kristi olid just kohale jõudnud, ning me tegelikult veetsimegi enamiku sellest päevast autos haha, sest nende koskede leidmine oli KARM! Kokkuvõttes tegime vist 20 vale pööret ja küsitlesime sama palju kohalikke, et leida õiget suunda. Mingis punktis proovis meid suunata õigele teele ise autoga ees sõites üks suurem gäng väga veidraid ja loodetavasti vaid muruniitjaid mehi. GPS, mis meile kaasa anti, oli üks hullemaid, mis ma nöinud, kuna see suunas meid lääne PR kõige veidramatesse ja hirmsamatesse kohtadesse ning ghetto'desse , seega selle peale me loota ei saanud. Peale selle ei teadnud see isegi pooli kohti, mida ma selleks päevaks plaaninud olin... Aga läbi kõige selle ja seinamoodi teede, mis viisid üles ja üles ja üleees, saimegi lõpuks kohale ja kosed olid täiesti võrratud! Esimene oli suurem, kus sai rohkem ujuda ja alla hüpata ning teine oli vähe kaugemal, kus sai köiega vette hüpata, aga kosk ise oli palju pisem. See koht tundus kuidagi nii puutumata (pole ka ime, kui sinna nii raske minna) ja esimene kosk oli tõsiselt üks ilusamaid asju, mis ma nägin see reis, kuna see oli väga selge ja keset dzungli-sarnast metsa. Väga hea meel, et me ikkagi lõpuks kohale jõudsime ja jahutada saime vees, aga siis tuli hakata randa otsima ja ega seegi hästi ei läinud, aga noh, vähemalt oli lõbus ikkagi!  

Tuli üpris pikk jutt sellest kosest, aga tundsin, et tahan selle siia kirja panna ja noh, mulle lihtsalt väga meeldivad ju kosed! Suundun Tallinna homme, et hüpata läbi Lindex'i Showroom'ist ja saada kokku mõne sõbrannaga, keda pole väga kaua juba näinud. Saan endale paar rahulikku päeva lubada, kuna panin just järgmise paberi kooli teele ning alustan lõpueksamit juba pärast homset. Aga toredat nädalat teile kõigile ja loodan, et teile on huvitavad sellised lood piltide juurde! <3



Laptop and Iphone covers by Katvos/ HERE

A while back I met up with the Katvos girl Kätlin for coffee and chats and we browsed some of her new covers. I ended up picking the black marble one, but taking off the golden one was such a hard thing to do. All her covers just look so amazing! After our meeting, Katvos has already created tons of new selections. My favourites include the pink marble one and the marble in black and gold. She also has covers without the marble pattern like for example different wood patterns. 

You can have a look at her covers from the link above and also on Katvos Instagram: @katvos_

Make sure to e-mail her about shipment outside Estonia! 


Mõnda aega tagasi sain taas kokku Katvos'i neiu Kätliniga, et kohvitada, juttu ajada ja vaadata üle ta uuemad kaitsekleebised. Valisin tookord endale välja musta marmori, kuigi kuldse eemaldamine oli nii kurb. Kõik need kleebised on lihtsalt võrratult ilusad! Pärast meie kohtumist on Katvos'il välja tulnud suur hulk uusi disaine. Mu lemmikyte hulka kuuluvad roosa marmor ja muidugi marmor musta ja kuldsega. Tal on ka kleebiseid ilma marmori mustrita, nagu näiteks erinevad puiduimitatsiooniga kleebised. 

Ülal olevast lingist leiab tema kleebiste valiku ja samuti ka Katvos'i Instagram'ist: @katvos_



Puerto Rico snaps from camera and phone

I have soooo many photos to show you, because this island is crazy beautiful! It looks different on every side and has so much to offer. This is the first row of random snaps from the trip and the second one will come soon! I will also have here a few snaps from my favourite waterfall place and lastly will list my top favourites from Puerti Rico aswell. 


Mul on niiii palju pilte, mida näidata, sest see saar on hullult kaunis! See näeb iga nurga pealt erinev välja ning vaatamist on küllaga. See on esimene rida läbisegi valitud pilte reisist ning teise postitan ka peagi! Lisaks postitan mõned snap'id oma lemmik koskede alast ning viimaks loen ette oma kõik top lemmikud Puerto Rico'l. 


Catwalk article and favourite accessories.

It's so nice to be home guys! Yesterday I had a trial shoot for the Denim Dream campaign. First time I've done a video commercial, but it's something I would love to do over and over again! The shooting took place in the Widescreen studio, where the crew was so sweet and cool. Can't wait to do the 'real deal' already in January and of course can't wait to see the whole SS17 campaign!! 

A week ago Catwalk published an article about me and 3 other social media figures from Estonia that they wanted to introduce a little more. I'm talking about myself, the blog and my Instagram and some other things. The magazine can be found between the Eesti Express newspaper and also online. The link to the article is HERE

Right now I'm visiting my parents and will stay here until 19th before heading back to Tallinn briefly, where J is staying to prepare for his trainings. It's so relaxing to be in Viljandi right now. I can quietly work on my exams and blog, while having my doggies around hehe! I still don't have that Christmas feeling somehow, even though we have a little snow and everything. Might be the fact that Puerto Rico had palmtrees and 30 degrees while having Christmas decorations everywhere, Christmas songs in the malls and of course huge Christmas trees in hotels and cities. This could totally be the reason I can't develop a Christmas feeling anymore haha!

Have a lovely weekend y'all! <3


Nii tore on kodus olla! Eile olid mul Denim Dream'i kampaania proovivõtted. See on täiesti esimene kord, kui ma osalen videoreklaamis, kuid see on miski, mida ma teeks vist kogu aeg! Võtted toimusid Widescreen stuudios, mille tiim on super armas ja vahva. Ei jõua ära oodata, et teha juba seda 'õiget värki' jaanuaris ja muidugi ei jaksa ära oodata seda kevad-suvi kampaaniat!! 

Nädal tagasi avaldas Catwalk minust ja kolmest teisest Eesti sotsiaalmeedia tegelasest artikli, kus nad tahtsid meid pisut rohkem tutvustada. Artiklis räägin endast, blogist ning oma Instagram'ist ning palju muud. Ajakirja leiab Eesti Ekspress'i vahelt või netist. Lingi artikli juurde netis leiab SIIT

Hetkel külastan oma vanemaid ning jään siia kuni 19.ndani, mil suundun natukeseks tagasi Tallinna, kus J praegu treeninguteks valmistub. Viljandis on nii rahulik olla praegu. Saan vaikselt kirjutada eksameid ning tegeleda blogiga ning samal ajal olla ümbritsetud oma koertega hehe! Mul pole siiani seda jõulutunnet tekkinud, kuigi lund meil ju väheke on siin. Võib-olla mõjutab pisut see, et Puerto Rico's olid palmipuud ning 30 kraadi samal ajal, kui igalpool olid säravad jõulukaunistused, jõululaulud kaubamajades ning muidugi tohutud jõulupuud hotellides ja linnades. See võib täiesti olla põhjus, miks ma ei suuda enam jõulutunnet tekitada haha!

Toredat nädalavahetust kõigile! <3   


 Coat - oldie from BikBok      Jeans - Dr.Denim/ HERE       Shirt - Mohito        Boots & Belt - Zara       Sunglasses - RayBan

So we picked this rainy and windy Sunday to go to Copenhagen, which explains my a bit messy look on the photos. Last 'free day' after all for me! We met up with our friend Kerti for brunch at Royal Smushi Cafe and then we all did a little shopping together and then she showed us around a little, visited the Round Tower, etc. The Smushi cafe was really incredible with its princess-like interior and of course the super yummy brunch! At first when they brought it to our table, I thought it's like a portion for little birds or sth, but I actually didn't manage to even finish it all, so damn nutritious! It's so cool to have Kerti close by now and someone to meet up with everytime I visit Cph! Of course the already ancient plan of mine to finally visit Tivoli was left undone today aswell. It's just too cold right now haha! Can't handle it yet!

Tomorrow uni starts for me again and we have some Christmas shopping to do after this...ah December just makes me so happy, you know? It has always been this happy and easy month for me each year. It's when J is off season and basically always free, it's Christmas month obviously which means only positive vibes with beautiful city lights and also there's the gift shopping (sometimes stressful too though) and the little break (not exam free) from uni to see my friends and family again. Have to take it all in and enjoy this worry-free time! 


Tänane vihmane ja tuuline ilm sai valitud siis Kopenhaageni minekuks, mis seletab mu pisut tuustis olekut piltidel. Siiski viimane 'vaba päev' mu jaoks! Saime kokku oma sõbranna Kertiga, et minna brunch'itama Royal Smushi Cafe'sse pärast mida shoppamise kõik koos pisut ja siis Kerti näitas meile veidi linna peal ringi, viis Round Tower'isse, jne. Smushi kohvik oli super ilus oma printsessiliku interjööriga ja muidugi brunch oli nii yumm! Algul kui nad brunch'i lauda tõid, siis arvasin, et see mingi väike pääsukeste ports, aga ise ei suutnud isegi kõike lõpuni süüa, nii toitev! Väga lahe, et Kerti nüüd nii ligidal elab ja saan kellegagi kokku saada igakord kui Kopenhaageni juhtun! Muidugi mu juba iidne plaan külastada Tivolit jäi ka seekord tagaplaanile. Praegu on lihtsalt liiga külm ja ma pole sellega veel harjunud haha!

Homme algab mu jaoks taas ülikool ja pärast seda ootab kohustuslik kingishoping ees...ahh detsember teeb lihtsalt nii rõõmsaks mind. See on iga aasta olnud selline kerge ja rõõmus aeg. Joonas puhkab selajal hooajast, mis tähendab, et ta on põhimõtteliselt vaba kõigeks. Muidugi on see ju ka jõulukuu, mis tähendab ainult positiivseid vibe'e ning ilusaid linnatulesid ning kingishopingut (mis on loomulikult ka stressirohke vahest). Lisaks on mul ülikoolist pisike paus (mitte küll eksamitest) ning see tähendab, et saan oma pere ja sõpru jälle näha. Loodan, et detsember venib pikalt, kuna see on üks äärmiselt murevaba kuu praegu! 


Swimsuit - River Island Pacha 

Hey babes! I'm now back in Sweden and J is staying with me for these few days I have left at uni here. I'm posting a quick photo post in my 'oldie but goldie' River Island swimsuit, because I am waaay too sleepy and jetlagged to be able to write longer texts about the trip haha! This is just a little photoshoot we did on the morning we left to remind us of that cozy pool area at San Juan's Hyatt Place. Gonna take the most out of Sweden before the Christmas break in Estonia and will keep you of course updated with Puerto Rico travel posts and current activities. Also gotta remind myself that 5 papers await writing for uni.. better get busy now again!!

BTW! I will arrive to Estonia on December 14th and will stay for at least a month there! Have a super nice weekend! <3


Hei tibid! Olen viimaks tagasi Rootsis ning Joonas jäi minuga siia nendeks vähesteks päevadeks, mis veel ülikoolis käia. Postitan siia ühe kiire pildipostituse oma 'oldie but goldie' River Island'i trikoos, sest hjetlag on hetkel julm ja ma olen liiga rampväsinud, et kirjutada reisist pikemat teksti haha! See on lihtsalt üks väike photoshoot, mis me tegime hommik enne ära minekut, et hiljem meenutada, kui mugav oli San Juan'i Hyatt Place'i basseiniala. Võtan Rootsist nüüd kõike enne jõuluvaheaega Eestis ning muidugi hoian teid samalajal kursis Puerto Rico reisipostitustega ning kõige hetkelisega. Pean ka samalajal meeles hoidma, et ülikool nõuab 5'te esseed...tuleb jälle taas töökaks hakata!!

BTW! Eestisse saabun 14.detsember ning jään ilmselt vähemalt kuuks ajaks paigale! Ilusat nädalavahetust! <3


Bikini from Marmennill/ HERE & HERE

Quick reminder you all that the Marmennill bikini giveaway from ends tomorrow at 8th of December! Make sure to compete on my Instagram (@merylmgi) for a chance to win those super cute bubblebutt bikinis! BTW, you can wear the under part inside out for different colour combo! Good luck! <3


Kiire meeldetuletus, et Marmennill bikiinide giveaway poolt lõpeb homme 8.detsembril! Vaata, et sa ka kindlasti osaleksid mu Instagram'is (@merylmgi), et sul oleks võimalus võita need super nunnud bubblebutt bikiinid! BTW, alumist osa saab kanda ka teistpidi, et saada teine värvikombo! Palju edu! <3


Bikini from Elsa and Rose and swimsuit from NAKD

On Sunday we took the ferry to the Culebra Island in Puerto Rico to meet beaches with white sand and clear turquise Caribbean Sea. After spending two hours tanning on Flamenco Beach, we headed to anither tiny tiny beach where we could do a little snorkeling. It was the first time for me, so I was like meh, let's look at the fish then, but oh myyy I am now sooo obsessed with this!! I basically didn't want to come out anymore and didn't even feel tired after this haha! All these cool fish, corals, cool! The highlight was of course when a sting ray swam right under me and Joonas, creepy but really awesome. Really sad we didn't have time to visit the Visques island next to Culebra. Now after a day in the San Juan Old Town, we're gonna relax and tomorrow it's our last day here, so we're gonna take the most out of it in the sun probably. 

A few more travel posts incoming, so I hope you like reading about these! More photos can be currently ound on my Instagram - @merylmgi. Talk to you real soon!

Pühapäeval sõitsime praamiga Culebra saarele siin Puerto Ricos, et leida eest valged liivarannad puhta türkiissinise Kariibi merega. Pärast kahte tundi päevitamist Flamenco'l liikusime kuhugi pisikesse randa, kus oli võimalik snorgeldada. Ma polnud seda varem teinud, seega mõtlesin, et mis seal ikka, vaatame siis väheke kalu, aga oiii nüüd ma olen täiesti sõltuvuses sellest!! Ma isegi ei tahtnud enam välja tulla sealt ega polnud väsinud ka haha! Kõik need kalad, korallid, elukad..super lahe! Parim hetk oli muidugi kui rai minu ja Jonase alt läbi ujus, võttis pisut kõhedaks aga nii awesome. KAhju, et me ei jõudnud Visques saart Culebra kõrval külastada muidugi. Nüüd pärast päeva San Juan'i vanalinnas puhkame veidi ja homme ongi aeg viimasest päevast võimalikult palju päikest veel võtta.

Mõned reisipostitused veel tulemas, seega loodan, et need teile ka meeldivad! Rohkem pilte leiab hetkel mul Instagram'ist - @merylmgi. Räägib peagi! <3


Bikini from Topshop

Pheww, what a day! Yesterday Kristi and Karol joined us on our adventure and today we had a huge roadtrip to the west and actually managed to find only two things, because the Gozalandia Waterfalls were so well hidden and off the track that we searched forever, but finally got there and it sure was amazing! I think it's the best thing to visit places that many people don't know about and today we had the change to have the waterfall all for ourselves. Then we continued on to find a proper beach, but today was apparently the only day weather didn't treat us well, so we couldn't enjoy the beach fully, but the water in Crash Boat Beach near Rincon was super amaziiing!!  Crash Boat has these colourful boats and coconut water that make the place really pleasant. They also had these huge birds that looked like pelicans (maybe were pelicans), and when we approached one, the guy next to us called it Mike and said "Mike, fly up", so the bird flew up on the bridge and next to us. Then he said "Mike, spread your wings" and then the bird immediately spread its wings and then the owner asked the bird to fly away and so it did. I stood there mouth open like what the hell did I just witness hahaha. 

Well since we've sat mostly in the car today trying to find places, I better go have a nice shower now and plan a more efficient day for us tomorrow. Probably will head to Luquillo Beach once again too. Have a great weekend my lovelies!

Huhh, milline päev! Kristi ja Karol liitusid meie seiklustega siin eile ning täna võtsimegi ette juba suuremad road trip'i lääne poole ning tegelikkuses suutsimegi leida vaid kaks kohta, kuna Gozalandia kosk oli niii peidus kuskil täiesti pärapõrgus, et me otsisime seda liiga kaua taga. Lõpuks siiski leidsime ja see oligi tõesti väga imeline koht. Arvan, et parim ongi käia just mööda selliseid kohti, millest paljud inimesed ei tea ning täna oligi meil võimalus olla ainult meie neljakesi seal kose all. Edasi proovisime leida üht korralikku randa. Täna oli esimene päev, kus ilm ei tahtnud meiega sõbralik olla, seega ei olnud ka lahedast rannast palju rõõmu, aga siiski seal Crash Boat rannas Rincon'i lähedal oli super super mõnus vesi!! Crash Boat'i teevad meeldivaks värvilised paadikesed ja kookosevesi ning seal olid ka sellised tohutud pelikani moodi (võib-olla olidki pelikanid) linnud. Lähenesime ühele neist, kui üks mees kõrvalt hüüdis ühele linnule nimega Mike, et "Mike, lenda üles", siis see lind lendas meie kõrvale sillale. Seejärel ütles ta "Mike, siruta tiibu" ja nii Mike tegigi ja siis palus Mike'l ära lennata. Ma seisin seal suu lahti imestusest, et mis asja ma just kogesin, hahaha.

Kuna me istusime täna enamus aja autos, et leida kohti üles, siis parem hüppaks nüüd kiirelt dušši alla ja hakkaks homset planeerima, et olla vähe tegusamad. Ilmselt suundume uuesti Luquillo randa. Teile aga vahvat nädalavahetust armsad! <3


Marmenill bikini from HERE & HERE

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Hola! Anna teile siin teada, et mu Instagram'is (@merylmgi) on käimas järjekordne GIVEAWAY! Seekord annan ühele õnnelikule ära paari omal valikul Marmenill bikiine veebilehelt, no cmmmnnn!?!? Marmenill bikiinid teevad taguotsa visuaalselt bubble kujuga ning alumist osa saab kanda mõlemat pidi, kusjuures mõlemal poolel on erinevad värvi kombinatsioonid. Kuna material on super kvaliteetsest materialist, siis need bikinid sobivad väga hästi iga kehakujuga. See paar bikiine on ideaalne järgmiseks suveks, kingiks oma tüdruksõbrale või tulevaks puhkuseks ning osalemine on ülimalt lihtne:

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Ja ongi kõik! Võitja selgub juba nädala pärast 8. detsembril, seega palju edu!