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BYE 2016, HELLO 2017!!

I guess it's already time to reflect back on 2016.. time flies too much guys! I think my 2016 wasn't something HUGE or life-changing or outstanding, but just a good year overall with nothing to specifically bring out. I started my 3rd year at university, spent such a great time with J, friends and family and made of course a lot of great new friends along the way. Me and J went on a vacation (finallllyyy) together in the Caribbean which I really loved and it was a really good year for the blog aswell. I think the most important part was that I became more and more aware of what I like, what I want and who I would see myself as in 2017 and the years to come. I learned a lot and that's how I saw my whole 2016. 

As I also brought out in my yesterday's Instagram post, differently for me, the world itself saw a pretty astonishing and horrible 2016. I don't know why I can't recall many really good things that happened this year. There was so much cruelty, so many bad surprises and candidates, so much anger and intolerance, and most imporantly so many new changes that will start shaping this world into a different place more or less. 2016 was scary, and I just really hope 2017 won't be, but all these events weren't temporary, but we will have to carry them on into 2017. So what I ask for you is to try to shape your surroundings at least into a better place next year. Spend time with your friends and family, be patient and tolerant with other people, do little or big good things and try to make this world a better place starting step by step with yourself first. Donate for Syria, buy eggs that aren't from chicken kept in cages (note: find the code on the eggs package that starts with a number that is less than 3), spot a dog freezing outside in the yard and say something to the owner, vote, donate to a local charity that helps misfortunate families, volunteer or take a big bag of dog food and old blankets to an animal shelter (I do that annually every Christmas). 

2017 however will be a year of BIG changes for me. My university will end in June, so I will have to make big changes and decisions in my life now, J's contract will come to an end in Flora, so he is gonna move to some other country by the end of that year...I'm worried and excited at once. My comfortable, routine life will come to an end and I have to leap head first into completely new waters. January will start with applying for different master's, but I don't know if I will have a skip year between bachelor's and master's or not, but I'll keep all the options open and see where J maybe takes me? Scaaaaryyy haha!

Thank you for this lovely year my readers, friends and family! You da best!! Hope everyone has a cheerful and fun New Year's Eve and talk to you next year! <3

(I'm in a lot of rush today, so I will have this big text only in English. Täna on mul hirmus kiire päev, seega jätan selle pika teksti seekord vaid inglise keelseks.) 

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