Meryl Mägi


Bomber & Clutch - Mango/ HERE & HERE, Jeans - Ginatricot/ HERE, Boots - Ego/ HERE, Top - Zara

Here's my best buy for this Spring - the pink satin bomber jacket. The most beautiful piece literally, looks different every time I wear it or look at it and it will be the star of my outfits all Spring and Summer long. Can throw it on everything basically to make the outfit looks more fun. Love that pink is so in again this season.

Had a great start of the day with my housemates in Malmö yesterday, always so fun to hang out with them. Today it's Sunday-loungeday eventhough I have a lot of work do get done, I'm gonna get it done while laying horizontally, haha!

Have a great Sunday all! <3


Siin ongi mu parim ost selleks kevadeks - roosa satiinist bomber jakk. Kõige ilusam asi üldse, näeb igakord erinev välja kui kannan seda või sellepoole vaatan ning muidugi saab see olema mul oluliselt tihedamini seljas kui ükski muu asi. Selle saab põhimõtteliselt iga asja peale visata ja outfit näeb kohe palju lõbusam välja. Ning muidugi väga meeldib, et roosa on taas väga in see hooaeg.

Eile oli mul väga tore päeva algus oma majakaaslastega Malmös, nendega on alati super vahva. Täna on pühapäev-laiskpäev ja kuigi mul on palju tööd teha, saan ma selle kõik tehtud voodis horisontaalselt, haha!

Vahvat pühapäeva kõigile! <3


Helllooo my girly-side of readers, another beauty pooosttt! As promised, I will have another post (once or twice every year) about my favourite make-up products I use the most and are always with me when I go somewhere (not everywhere), but since I struggled with the light a lot, I couldn't get good enough photos to post them seperately so here they are as a collage. I hope you forgive me for tiny visuals since I woke up this morning very sick, but still had to attend a seminar this way and now I'm even worse off, trying to heal myself since uni doesn't wait for youuu. I really wanted to get this make-up post out of the way since I promised it a while back already so let's go!

Left upper corner - for Cheeks.

- Bronzer by Isadora
- Rose blush by Chanel
- Highlighter by The Balm

Right upper corner - for Base.

- Primer - Dior
- Concealer - BeYu
- Foundation - YSL Le Touché Eclat

Left lower corner - for Eyes & Brows

- Eyeshadow palette - Maybelline's the Nudes
- Mascara - Lancome's Hypnotise
- Brow gel - H&M
- Brow set - BYS
- Nude eyeshadows - Natural collection
- Darker eyeshadowss - Pupa

Right lower corner - for Lips

- Lip perfector - Clarins
- Lipsticks in shades Luminous Cocoa & Mocha Muse - Maybelline
- Lip pencil in shade Sweet Pink - Maybelline
- Lipgloss - UNE

So here is the list of my current recommendations and absolutely perfect, stunning, wonderful products I've discovered and use on my photos and so on. My make-up bag is endless haha, but these are THE essentials I have to have and this is quite clear on the photos because they are really in a used condition haha! I know I didn't mark any links to them, so if any of these is what you would need or if you would like any recommendations whatsoever, comment below and I will give you a link/recommendation on products! I actually have these two perfect shades of lipstick and lip pencil I recently bought and since I used them a lot, I managed to forget them into Tallinn at J's place and I think my favourite eyeliner is also there somewhere behind the couch so I can introduce those next time together with the bestbest Anastasia contour kit that is on its way to me finalllly. So yes, don't hesitate to ask me about make-up products since I have tested out endless amounts of them and would even surprise you with new cool brands!

In other news, I booked recently my flight for a brief visit home again, so I will be in Estonia (Viljandi & Tallinn) from 26th of march until 7th of April, exciteeed!!! 

And today is the Indenpendence Day of Estonia, so happy birthday my home country, keeping you in my mind and hoping all the best for this beautiful country! I'm gonna keep on watching the President's reception now and hope the best out of my health for tomorrow! Good night and hope this post was helpful! <3


Dress & Jacket - Ginatricot, Boots - Ego/ HERE, Hat - H&M, Belt - Random oldie

A few shades of burgundy matched with a hat and my favourite new boots? I say yes please, bring it on Spring! I matched the burgundy dress and jacket in the dressing room and found the combination of these two so pretty, even if it is a bit autumnish it's no crime to wear it now haha. I love the sleeves on the dress, but I wasn't completely sure over the buy until I discovered it has pockets and everyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for dresses and skirts with pockets. It makes every single dress 80 times more attractive for me.

You'll be seeing those boots around for a while now, so keep coming back loves and have a happy new week! <3


                                         Calvin Klein Jeans

Photos - Jake Farra

MUA - Sandra Loit

We are wearing denim from Calvin Klein Jeans (Jacket HERE, Lace Bra HERE) all available in Calvin Klein stores in Tallinn and Denim Dream online store. 

This is the last set of photos with my collab with Calvin Klein and blogger Kätriin and I saved my most favourite ones as the last treat! The denim selection in Calvin Klein store's new collection is ah-mazing! Everything from the edgy boyfriend cut to skinny detailed ones and the denim jacket is to die for. I love those photos so much because they look just like the real thing, Jake did a really good job once again. And of course adding the CK underwear probably did half of the trick too. I am so glad the #mycalvins trend is still on.

I really enjoyed every minute during those shoots I've been posting lately and I am so longing for new ideas and shoots in Spring! 

Don't forget to check out my teammate Kätriin's blog HERE

Jake's page HERE

and Sandra's page HERE

Hope you like these photos as much as we do! <3


Piltidel on meil seljas teksa brändilt Calvin Klein Jeans (Teksajaki leiab SIIT, pitsrinnahoidja SIIT). Kõik see on saadaval Calvin Klein'i poodides Tallinnas ja Denim Dreami netipoes. 

Olemegi jõudnud kõige viimase seeriani koostöös Calvin Klein'i ja blogija Kätriiniga ning muidugi jätsin oma lemmik seeria kõige viimaseks kommiks. Uue kollektsiooni teksa valik Calvin Klein'i poodides on iii-me-li-ne! Seal on kõik olemas ägedatest boyfriend lõikega teksadest kuni detailidega skinny teksadeni ja see tagi on ideaalne variant ühest teksatagist, mis peaks kapist olema võtta. Mulle nii väga meeldivad need pildid, sest nad näevad välja pea et täpselt nagu see "õige CK". Jake tegi taaskord nii head tööd! Kindlasti Calvin Klein'i ikoonilise aluspesu juurde lisamine tegi pool trikist juba ära. Väga vahva, et #mycalvins trend jätkuvalt kestab.

Mulle meeldis iga viimnegi kui minut nende shoot'ide jooksul, mis siia viimasel ajal postitanud olen ja ootan pikisilmi uusi ideid ja ülesvõtmisi kevadel!

Kätriini blogi ning Jake ja Sandra lingid leiate ülalt. Loodan, et teile meeldivad need pildid täpselt sama palju kui meile! <3


Photos by Paul Meiesaar.

I'm wearing boots from Nelly.


Iphone snaps from December 2015 - January 2016.

Sooo a bunch of weird photos from my long long Christmas break at home, but that's us and I wouldn't change a thing about us. Since my Mr. Valentine is overseas, I took this time to think back on my time at home. We went to the movies, restaurants, had family fun, tried to be smart in Exit Room, he made encouraged me get a tattoo (yes I also wanted it myself too), spent Christmas and New Year's together, I wrote two exams in mean time and did amazingly great with them, we went on road trips and cozied up on the couch on ugly days. I honestly have sooo much fun with him wherever we go that if he's not around, there's always something missing even if I have the time of my life I need him there. We can be our craziest selves at home and behave like high class at other times and even being a couch potato is so fun with him. Never a dull moment with my best friend and fortunately my love. He is my ideal type of guy and makes me feel the same for him, I can be always sure he has my back and he sure can make me laugh loud even when I get mad at him (3, 2,...there you go, there's that smile, these are the cheeks I wanna see). I could go on and on and write a book about you and me, but let's leave it there and Happy Valentine's Day love! <3

For Valentine's we just shared little but amazing thoughts about each other because of the long distance relationship and I think Valentine's shouldn't be so commercialized but a lovely dinner, spending time and acknowledging your loved ones are the most precious things you could do to celebrate. And for my friends I want to say thank you for always being there and being so drop dead cool all the time, all of you in Estonia and Sweden! Hugs to you all! <3

Getting all moody here so I will wrap this up and thank you all who I met up with during my stay at home and who made it really memorable and relaxing. Until Spring! 

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers! I adore you and thank you for taking the time and visiting my blog, I appreaciate it so much! 


Coat - Bershka, Sneakers - Rebecca Stella for Nelly, Sweatpants - Tommy Hilfiger, Lace-Up Body - Nelly/ HERE, Sunglasses - Ginatricot

I mean how cool is that -  lounge wear, swetpants and shoes (the new trend of 2016 - slipper look-a-likes) have evolved so much that you can actually step out of your house without changing your clothes. Being comfortable is the new stylish thing and we can't be more than super happy about it. Swetpants are so widely in stores in all colours and cuts that it is possible to style them in so many different ways and hit the town with them. I found my perfect pair from a Hilfiger store that have tiny pearls on pockets. I love that I can wear them both in high-waist and low-waist way. Here I styled my sweatpants in a way that I could totally go out for a coffee - with a lace-up body, sneakers and a matching coat. Definitely will bring you more extremely casual outfits here soon, starring these Hilfiger sweats!

Today I admit I've been a lazy-bee as always. Done some necessary stuff on my laptop, watched J's game against Norway's club (they won!) and now I'm gonna make myself a big bowl of popcorn, do some reading and then watch Estonia pick their Eurovision songs. I started to call myself the grandma of the house who doesn't like to go out often compared to others here haha!

Find a pair of cool sweatpants HERE, HERE, HERE or maybe HERE


Olete tähelepannud kui äge aeg praegu on - pehmed koduriided, dressid ja jalanõud (kui te olete märganud 2016 uut trendi - sussitaolised jalanõud) on arenenud nii palju, et enam ei pea riideidki vahetama, kui kodust välja minna. Mugavus on uus stiilne ja me ei saakski rohkem rõõmsad selle üle olla. Dressipüksid on nii paljudes värvides ja lõigetes kõikides poodides, et neid on võimalik kokku panna väga erinevate asjadega, et linna minna. Ma leidsin oma ideaalsed dressid Hilfigeri poest, millel on väikesed pärlid taskute äärtel. Mu lemmikosa nende juures on see, et ma saan neid kanda nii kõrgemalt nagu piltidelt kui ka madalalt. Panin kokku dresside outfiti, millega ma absoluutselt linna kohvile läheks - ülesnööritud body, ketsid ja värvilt kokkusobiv mantel juures. Lisan siia edaspidi veel viise, kuidas pehmete riietega end hästi ja stiilselt tunda ning põhistaariks saavad ilmselt need Hilfigerid olema!

Täna olen laiskloom nagu ikka. Tegin mõned vajalikud asjad arvutis, vaatasin Joonase mängu Norra kõrgliiga klubi vastu (nad võitisid!) ja nüüd teen endale suure kausitäie popkorni, loen natuke ja siis vaatan, keda Eesti Eurovisioonile saatma hakkab. Ma muide olen ennast hakanud kutsuma maja vanaemaks, kellele ei meeldi väga tihti väljas käia võrreldes teistega siin haha!

Leia endale ka üks äge paar dressipükse SIIT, SIIT, SIIT või näiteks SIIT


22nd Birthday!

So peeps, I promised to make a post about dropping my 22nd year. So as I said birthdays are very very happy days for me and this one was over the top happy, but it still frightens me. That is because, for example, when I'm 21 I think "oh I have plenty of time to do this, plenty of time to achieve that" and so on, but on your birthday you realize another year has been added and it came quick as hell. So then you realize that these years add up very quickly and you actually do not have as much time as you thought you have at one point and it really really scares me. Even if there is nothing I can do on this very second to improve my condition for the one I want it to be, I still feel anxious. I am afraid to get old I guess and feel I didn't get all I wanted but I shouldn't be, never too late for anything on the other hand. And I am still 22 after all. But note the card Laura & Nico gave me "Don't grow up, it's a trap!", that is so true haha!

Talking about cool and funny birthday was so fun thanks to them! On the right day we had cake and wine and the next day we had a tiny houseparty with beerpong and drinks and such good snacks. (Laura the self-made popcorn was perfect on the second try, thanks again! xx) I am so grateful to have those people living with me, they make my studies and distance from friends & family & Joonas so much better that I never feel sad coming back here from home. I have two wondeful places to be at in both countries so I am so blessed! Having housemates as friends is such a luck! 

And finally I would like to thank alll the people for their birthday wishes and lovely words! I couldn't get a smile off my face even when I fell asleep I think haha, so grateful for all of it and my 22nd birthday will be so memorable! Hugs n' kisses to you all! <3


Photos: Jake Farra/his page HERE

Make-up: Sandra Loit, her Facebook page HERE

Shirt - Calvin Klein/ HERE, Jeans - dr.Denim, Heels - Nelly/ HERE, Briefs - Calvin Klein/ HERE, Jacket - Kardashian Kollektion by Lipsy London

Hey babes, told ya me and Kätriin had something bomb coming on our blogs soon! We teamed up with Calvin Klein stores in Tallinn to bring you the latest collection that just hit the stores. You can check out the new collection HERE or in Calvin Klein stores in Viru Keskus and Ülemiste Keskus. From the new collection my definite highlight would be the pictured white tee, the accessories and the sweaters with the iconic CK on them and of course the denim..okay I will reveal that the gorgeous denim will be the star of the next post coming up in near days! 

For the shoot we tried on something a bit different - dark lips and the iconic Kim K braids - and we couldn't be happier with the results! We were so glad to have talented Jake take our photos for this shoot, he absolutely can bring out the best sides and egdes of people and is such a pleasure to work with. And of course doing it all with my girl Kätriin (find her blog HERE) is the biggest blessing of all, great to have such a talented gorgeous friend that keeps reading my mind! 

Make sure you keep an eye on mine and Kätriin's blog in near days since a head-to-toe Calvin Klein outfit is soon to be posteeeeddd!  

Happy Thrusday! <3


Heii nunnud, ma ju ütlesin, et mul ja Kätriinil on teile midagi eriti ägedat varuks! Lõime käpad Calvin Kleini poodidega Tallinnas ning toome teieni kõige uuema kollektsiooni, mis äsja poodidesse hüppas. Kollektsioonile saate pilgu peale visata SIIN ja Calvin Kleini poodides Viru Keskuses ja Ülemiste Keskuses. Uuest kollektsioonist minu kindlad lemmikud on piltidel olev valge T-särk, akessuaarid ja dressikad, mille ees ilutseb ikooniline CK ning muidugi teksa..okei avaldan saladuse, et järgmise postituse peaesineja ongi just imeilus teksa uuest kollektsioonist. Mõne päeva pärast saab näha!

Photoshoot'iks proovisime midagi veidi teistsugust - tume huul ja ikoonilised Kim K punupatsid - ning me ei saakski rohkem rahul olla tulemusega! Meil on väga hea meel, et talendikas Jake tegi meie pildid. Ta oskab leida inimeste parimad nurgad ja ääred üles ning temaga on nii meeldiv koostööd teha. Ja muidugi suurim hea meel on seda kõike teha oma lemmiku Kätriin'iga (leiate ta blogi SIIT). Tõsine rõõm teha koostööd nii talendika ja kauni sõbrannaga, kes aina jätkab ja jätkab mu mõtete lugemist!

Hoidke kindlasti lähipäevadel silm peal minu ja Kätriini blogidel, kuna varvastest pealaeni Calvin Kleini look on peagi ülevaaaal!

Vahvat neljapäeva kõigile! <3 



Photos by Paul Meiesaar

Wearing H&M x Balmain top, Skirt and Shoes by Nelly and dr.Denim jeans.

Hey loves, I'm happy to say it's my 22nd birthday today and eventhough I'm still so young, every year that adds up scares me a bit haha! 22 is such a beautiful number and I will do all I can to make this a beautiful and remarkable year for myself. My day so far has been so happy and joyful and I want to thank everyone that has made it so great so far (also the mailman who delivered by gorgeous new boots just on time for my bday haha!). I am gonna make this a short post since I am in a lot of hurry today. Tonight I'm having a dinner-cake-wine thing with my housemates and tomorrow we'll celebrate some more and probably gonna play beerpong, yay! 

Happy birthday to me and talk to you real soon! <3 


Leather Jacket - Zara, Flare Pants- Ginatricot/ similar HERE, Flare Blouse - Lindex, Boots - Centro, Coat - Bershka, Clutch - Custom Made

I am a happy bubble today because the moment I stepped outside this spring-like breeze hit me and I noticed it's so warm outside and the sun is shining..ah just fills your heart with joy to know you soon no longer need a coat on your leather jacket, but since we need to be careful I brought a coat to my outfit shoot today. I am probably never losing my love for flare pants on a Sunday. They make them legs look sleek and well are just so comfortable to wear. My favourite way to wear them is all black with both heeled boots and white Nike's. When it gets warmer I'll match them with a white off-shoulder blouse. The ones I have are a ribbed soft version, but I love the dark jeans with this cut too, wish I had them in my closet. Overall my ootd is a lot of flares since the weather probably is tricking us into thinking its spring already. You sneaky sneaky weather. 

After the photos I hit the shopping mall to gather a few basics from the sales (oh how I missed Swedish stores), I'll show them off soon and now I'll try to get all the important stuff done like cleaning and studying haha. Enjoying my last days as 21!

Thank you Laura for the photos! You and my new lens are a perfect match!


Mul on täna ikka väga hea tuju, sest nii kui majast välja astusin puhus näkku kevadetaoline õhk ja tõesti väljas on nii soe ja päike paistab..ah kohe nii toreda oleku tekitab kui tead, et kohe-kohe pole vaja nahktagi otsa enam mantlit toppida. Kuid tuleb olla ettevaatlik nii et ikkagi võtsin pildistamisele mantli kaasa. Ilmselt ei kaota ma enam kunagi huvi alt laienevate pükste vastu, eriti pühapäeviti. Jalad tunduvad palju pikemad nendes ja noh nad on lihtsalt niivõrd mugavad. Mu lemmik viis neid kanda on üleni mustas koos kontsasaabaste või valgete Nike'dega. Kui veel soojemaks läheb sobitan ma nad kokku valge off-shoulder pluusiga. Minu altlaienevad on küll pehme soonikust versioon, kuid ma väga fännan ka tumedaid teksasid sama lõikega..väga soovin, et nad oleksid mu kapis praegu. Üldiselt mu tänane riietus on väga kihiline, sest ilm tõenäoliselt lihtsalt lollitab meiega, et me arvaks, et tõesti ongi varajane kevad käes. Kavalpea. 

Pärast neid pilte läksin kaubanduskeskusesse, et allahindlustest mõni baasese hankida (oi kui hea on olla tagasi Rootsi kaubanduses). Näitan peagi need ka blogis ette, aga nüüd tuleb olulised asjad ära teha nagu koristamine ja õppimine haha. Naudin viimaseid päevi 21 aastasena!


Artdeco Face Scrub - HERE

Sephora Face Mask - HERE

Tilk! Hand Cream - HERE

Tilk! Facial Cream - HERE

Bodyshop's Eye Serum - HERE

Hey all my lovely readers, I'm back with another beauty post and it's again on the topic of skin care. I went out last night with friends and this morning my face feels a bit heavy and so I'm gonna go through my weekly routine again with my favourite products listed above.

I use this Bodyshop eye serum every single morning and I've even made a seperate post about it (find it HERE) and the hand and facial cream by Tilk! every 2-3 days. But yes it's time for the weekly face scrub and face mask again and what better way to fully cleanse your face than those two products by Artdeco and Sephora? The Artdeco face scrub was something my mom's friend recommended for her so we tried it out and loved it so much we got one each. It's basically a gel you rub on your face and neck, but while you do it, it starts to rub off all the "dirt" and make-up leftovers you have gathered during the week. After this is done it's time for the Sephora face mask which is the funniest thing though haha! J's mom got me this as a gift from Paris, she really recommended it. When you rub it on your face it takes the shape of a shaving cream and then it starts to feel like 10,000 ants run across your face. It's so funny and tickly the first time that I couldn't stop laughing haha, but it stops in like 2 minutes and then you just let it sit for 10 more minutes and wash it off. 

I'm glad I've started using more products on my skin, but still don't overuse them. You really need some extra care during wintertime and I've really seen great changes on my skin and my make-up base thanks to finding products that fit me. I actually had terrible skin when I was 18 and had to take some measures. So what I did was going to the doctor's, testing products so that all the things I use don't make my skin worse in any way (for example found the perfect make-up remover - Loreal Micellar Water - HERE) and just buying more expensive make-up because all the cheap foundations tend to crawl inside your face. That said, my next beauty category post will be on the everyday make-up I use and yes I know I've promised a make-up tutorial video and I have not forgotten about it one bit! It's the camera settings that keep my down, ugghhh! 

Hope you found something new for yourself from this post! Talk to you soon! <3 


Tere armsad lugejad, olen tagasi järjekordse iluteemalise postitusega ning jällegi teemaks nahahooldus. Läksin eile sõbrannadega välja õhtul ja täna tunnen, et nägu on veidi raske ja tahab juba täna põhjalikku hooldust, mida teen rutiinselt igal nädalavahetusel. Ülal on välja toodud mu lemmiktooted, millega näonahk sügavalt puhtaks saada.

Kasutan ülalnäidatud Bodyshop'i silmaseerumit igal hommikul ning põhjuse selleks leiab varem tehtud postitusest SIIN, ning käte- ja näokreemi Tilk!'ilt kasutan iga 2-3 päeva tagant. Kuid jah, nüüd on aeg teha veidi põhjalikum puhastus ja selleks ongi mul esimesel pildil olevad Artdeco näokoorija ja Sephora näomask. Artdeco koorijat soovitas mu emale ta sõbranna ning me otsustasime selle nüüd lõpuks järele proovida. Mõlemale oli see nii meele järele, et ostsime teise veel. Lühidalt on see geel, mida hõõrud endal näos ja kaelal ning selle tulemusena tuleb kõik "mustus" ja meigijäänused maha. Kui see on tehtud on aeg käes Sephora maskiks ning see on tõega kõige naljakam asi, mis ma endale näkku olen pannud haha! Joonase ema tõi mulle selle kingina Pariisist ning väga soovitas kasutada seda. Kui seda näole kanda võtab see habemeajamisvahu oleku ja siis juba tundub nagu jookseks sul 10,000 sipelgat näos ringi. See on nii kõdi ja naljakas esimene kord, et ma ei lõpetanud naermist terve see 2 minutit kui see niimoodi kihiseb haha. Siis lased sel olla veel 10 minutit ja pesed veega maha. 

Mul on väga hea meel, etma olen hakanud kasutama rohkem tooteid oma nahal. Talvel tahab nahk veidi rohkem hooldust ja ma tõesti olen näinud häid tulemusi oma näol tänu oma rutiinile ning meigipõhi näeb ka kuidagi ilusam välja kohe. Mul oli 18-aastaselt veel väga kohutav nahk ning pidin midagi ette võtma. Esiteks läksin arsti külastusele, siis katsetasin kõiki vajaminevaid tooteid nii kaua kuni leidsin sellised, mis ei tee natukenegi mu nahka halvemaks (näiteks leidsin ideaalse meigieemaldaja - Loreal Micellar Water - HERE) ning hakkasin lihtsalt palju kallimat meiki ostma, sest odavad jumestuskreemid kipuvad nahka sisse ronima. Mainides meiki, jörgmine ilupostitus tulebki igapäevameigi toodete kohtaning jah ma teaan, ma olen lubanud teha ka igapäevameigi video ja ma pole seda unsutanud. Kaamera sätted ainult hoiavad mind veel tagasi, ughhh!

Loodan, et leidsite midagi uut siit postitusest! Ilusat nädalavahetust! <3 



Coat - NA-KD, Boots - Timberland's/ HERE, Pants - H&M/ oldies, Top - Seppälä, Sunglasses - Lindex/ HERE, Earrings - Monton

Probably the very last outfit I post with Timberland's this season, but you'll never know.. So basically I mixed together a nude palette on my outfit, something very different for me since I always have the urge to add something black, but now it's full neutrals only (minus the lambskin scarf). Of course counting in my luck again, in the midst of taking photos it started to rain down hard pieces of snow and totally out of the blue sky of course. So typical..I think I just don't belong into this climate haha! Oh and I found that lambskin scarf in the bottom of my closet, no idea how long that has been sitting there, but I started to wear this super warm thing right away. The wonders you can find from the depths of your closet, right!?

Now I'm back in Sweden again. Had a direct flight to Copenhagen. Usually I have to sit an hour or two at Riga too. Before I left Estonia, we celebrated my love's 24th birthday in the restaurant Art Priori and went to cinema to watch the Big Short in the A le Coq Suite. I am so so tired right now that I'm gonna make this post short and post a longer overview of my break at home later wiith a bunch of photos in a collage. Time to unpack again and start the university work over again!

Good night! x


Ilmselt kõige viimane outfit Timberland'idega see hooaeg, aga mine sa tea.. Segasin kokku nude paleti selle riietuse puhul ning kuidagi saigi kokku üleni neutraalsetes toonides look (väljaarvatud lambanahast krae). Päris raske oli, sest mul on kalduvus alati midagi musta lisada, aga sain lõpuks hakkama. Arvestades mu õnne hakkas muidugi piltide tegemise ajal selgest taevast tulema rahet. Nii tavaline.. ma vist lihtsalt ei kuulu sellesse kliimasse haha! Leidsin selle lambanahast krae oma kapipõhjast kodus. Ma ei tea kaua see seal istunud on, aga käiku läks ta kohe. Küll kapipõhjadest tuleb alles vahvaid üllatusi välja eksju!? 

Tulin täna tagasi Rootsi. Enamasti pean istuma tunni-kaks ka Riia lennujaamas, aga vähemalt seekord oli otselend Kopenhaagenisse. Enne kui kodumaa tolmu jalgadelt pühkisin tähistasime mu Joonase 24.ndat sünnipäeva restoranis Art Priori ning vaatasime filmi A le Coq Sviidis. Ma olen nii nii väsinud praeguseks, et ma jätan selle postituse katki ja teen pikema postituse oma puhkusest hiljem koos collage'i täie fotodega. Aeg asjad lahti pakkida ja ülikoolitöö võib alata!

Head ööd! x


Hair and make-up by Sandra Loit.

How busy have the last two days been...As I told you in a previous post, me and Kätriin were having two photoshoots in two days and we've both been driving back and forth between two cities for those. Yesterday we had the second and final shoot in Tallinn, which we are super excited about and we got our hair and make-up done by the talented Sandra Loit. She gave us this quite a nude eye look with dark lips and braided our hair the Kim K way. For the second photo series we changed our look but the first one looked exactly like the one on last photos.

I really loved the work Sandra did on us, she understood exactly what we wanted and made it even better. Her studio and she herself made me feel so comfortable. I would totally recommend to drop by her studio. She is a talented hairdresser and a make-up artist working with the Jane Iredale make-up products. The best about her work is probably the ceratine care she provides for hair. I've seen this work its magic on Kätriin and I love it!

Photos from the two series yesterday and the ones from day before will be soon on my blog! Tomorrow morning it's time to head back to Sweden again, talk to you soon ! <3

Sandra's Facebook page HERE.


Kui kiired on viimased kaks päeva olnud...Nagu ma rääkisin eelnevas postituses siis mul ja Kätriinil seisis ees kaks erinevat pildistamist kahe päeva jooksul ning me mõlemad oleme edasi-tagasi ühest linnast teise sõitnud nende jaoks. Eile oli meie viimane shoot Tallinnas, milleüle me üliiiimalt põnevil oleme. Meigi ja soengu pildistamiseks tegi meile andekas Sandra Loit. Ta tegi meile sellise üsna nude look'i silmadele koos väga tumeda huulega ning punus meie patsid Kim K stiilis. Teiseks photoseeriaks muutsime oma välimust, kuid esimene nägi välja just selline nagu viimastel piltidel.

Mulle väga meeldis, mis Sandra meiega tegi. Ta sai täpselt aru, mida me ootasime ja tegi selle veelgi paremaks. Tema stuudio ja ta ise tekitasid ka nii mõnusa tunde. Soovitan väga läbi hüpata ta stuudiost. Ta on andekas juuksur ja meigikunstnik ning töötab Jane Iredale meigitoodetega. Olen kuulnud palju head just tema keratiinihoolduse kohta ning näinud selle maagiat ka Kätriini juuste peal, väga väga ilus! 

Pildid mõlemast eilsest seeriast ning päev enne toimunud shoot'ist leiab mu blogist peagi! Homme hommikul on aeg taas Rootsi poole asuda, räägib peagi! <3

Sandra Facebook'i leht SIIN