Meryl Mägi



Photos by Paul Meiesaar

Wearing H&M x Balmain top, Skirt and Shoes by Nelly and dr.Denim jeans.

Hey loves, I'm happy to say it's my 22nd birthday today and eventhough I'm still so young, every year that adds up scares me a bit haha! 22 is such a beautiful number and I will do all I can to make this a beautiful and remarkable year for myself. My day so far has been so happy and joyful and I want to thank everyone that has made it so great so far (also the mailman who delivered by gorgeous new boots just on time for my bday haha!). I am gonna make this a short post since I am in a lot of hurry today. Tonight I'm having a dinner-cake-wine thing with my housemates and tomorrow we'll celebrate some more and probably gonna play beerpong, yay! 

Happy birthday to me and talk to you real soon! <3 

9 februari 2016 15:59 | FASHION |


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