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Iphone snaps from December 2015 - January 2016.

Sooo a bunch of weird photos from my long long Christmas break at home, but that's us and I wouldn't change a thing about us. Since my Mr. Valentine is overseas, I took this time to think back on my time at home. We went to the movies, restaurants, had family fun, tried to be smart in Exit Room, he made encouraged me get a tattoo (yes I also wanted it myself too), spent Christmas and New Year's together, I wrote two exams in mean time and did amazingly great with them, we went on road trips and cozied up on the couch on ugly days. I honestly have sooo much fun with him wherever we go that if he's not around, there's always something missing even if I have the time of my life I need him there. We can be our craziest selves at home and behave like high class at other times and even being a couch potato is so fun with him. Never a dull moment with my best friend and fortunately my love. He is my ideal type of guy and makes me feel the same for him, I can be always sure he has my back and he sure can make me laugh loud even when I get mad at him (3, 2,...there you go, there's that smile, these are the cheeks I wanna see). I could go on and on and write a book about you and me, but let's leave it there and Happy Valentine's Day love! <3

For Valentine's we just shared little but amazing thoughts about each other because of the long distance relationship and I think Valentine's shouldn't be so commercialized but a lovely dinner, spending time and acknowledging your loved ones are the most precious things you could do to celebrate. And for my friends I want to say thank you for always being there and being so drop dead cool all the time, all of you in Estonia and Sweden! Hugs to you all! <3

Getting all moody here so I will wrap this up and thank you all who I met up with during my stay at home and who made it really memorable and relaxing. Until Spring! 

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers! I adore you and thank you for taking the time and visiting my blog, I appreaciate it so much! 

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