Meryl Mägi


Coat - NA-KD, Boots - Nelly, Leather Pants - H&M/ HERE, T-Shirt - IvyRevel/ similar HERE, Earrings - Balmain x H&M

Oh myyyy how windy it is here right now!! Seriously struggled to hold the light coat in place haha, glad I got a few normal photos at least, but the pockets are still visible sadly. Here I matched a pair of huge diamond looking earrings from the Balmain x H&M with a casual look and open-toe heels. I think matching big statement earrings with a casual t-shirt looks so fierce. You just add this little extra to your outfit. Also wore the same outfit with white sneakers, not necessary to have heels on.

Just had dinner with J and my fam in Viljandi so now I'm off to bed early, I think the new tattoo has some effect on me, feeling a bit off, but that should be really normal since I just had it done yesterday. Hope you liked the outfit! Good night loves! xx


...hi to you all! I'm writing a really quick post about what I'm up to before I run off. Have been in Tallinn for 2 days and been store surfing for a gift to my dear guy whose 24th birthday is on Tuesday. Today I'm gonna check out the last football game I get to see during my stay and then we'll head back to Viljandi where I will pack my stuff for Sweden, say bye to my favourites back home and make a quick photoshoot with my best-est Paul and Kätriin. I'll get back to Tallinn on Tuesday to have another shoot with Jake Farra and Kätriin and then it's time to celebrate J's b-day! Flight to Sverige is on 4thhh.

Aaand most importantly guess what I got today?? My very first tattoo!! Although they say that it hurts bad if it's on the ribs, mine was a tiny text so it didn't hurt bad at all, so glad it was so pleasant. Thank you so much Silver from Pirados Studios, I love it! I'm gonna show it soon, when it's healed completely. Still can't believe I did it haha.

Tomorrow you'll get an outfit post over some time and soon there's an unusal giveaway coming. Keep checking back! ♥


Bikini - To Die For Swimwear/HERE

Just recieved a new pair of lace bikini from To Die For Swimwear. This colour literally makes me glow and well who wouldn't love these lace details?? The photos don't do any justice for the real colour, so check out the link above. Now all I need is summer, sun and the beach!


Minuni jõudis just uus paar bikiine To Die For Swimwear'ilt. See värv paneb lausa särama ja kellele ei meeldiks need pits-detailid?? Pildid ei too õiget värvi hästi esile nii et vaadake järgi ülaltoodud link ka. Nüüd jääb vaid oodata suve, päikest ja randa!

In collaboration with To Die For Swimwear


Photos and studio by Paul Meiesaar.

Edit by me.

Dress - BikBok, Faux Fur - Balmain x H&M, Gladiator Heels - River Island/ HERE, Earrings - Nelly

Hey all! Happy weekend! I took those winterish photos in Paul's studio a while back. His Christmas-like corner in the studio was still up in the beginningnof January so I was really happy I could take a few photos there myself. His studio corners get more and more magical each year, always worth a visit for everyone. I look like a lady in mansion haha but in rrality it's just one decorated wall, incredible!
Wanted to take a few good shots with one of the best dresses I've ever bought, a glittery one from BikBok and the coolest shoes by River Island. They make quite a good combination huh? I've never edited Paul's photos myself too, haha I loved editing photos with such good quality.

Just finished watching J's game against Norrköping, his previous club in Sweden. Felt so nostalgic to look at Norrköping play and the Nya Parken stadium I used to spend my weekends on..oooh memories. Spent a great morning in Tartu with mom, haven't done any shopping her for such a long time. Aaand tonight I think I'm gonna head out with my girls one last time before going back to Sverige.

Happy Saturday! <3

ME &amp; MY FIAT

Photos: Paul Meiesaar

Blazer - Mango, Top - BikBok, Skort - Zara, Heels - Nelly

A little throwback Thursday to the photos I had totally forgotten about. These are made last June (I look so different to myself now haha) and I planned to do this as an outfit shoot with Paul but he noticed I match my car perfectly so I did a little shoot with the best car in the whole white world for me - my little Fiat 500. I am tiny, my Fiat is tiny and it's the most stylish car I've seen. The interior is a bit retro and looks really funky and yup, from the outside it's basically like a hamster. I love it so much!
I'm really into the first three photos of this shoot and again so happy with Paul's work, he delivers everything! What an inspirational friend to have!

Yesterday I had lunch with Kätriin to plan some shoots before I head back to Sweden. Today I'm going back home to Viljandi to spend more time there while J has a game in Sweden during weekend.

Have a nice weekend you all and I hope you like the photos! <3


Hey there!

Just wanted to say good morning to you all!


Khaki Top - HERE                               Cut-Out Sweater - HERE                    Nike Air Force 1 Suede - HERE

Suede Dress - HERE                           Sunglasses - HERE                            Nude Strap Heels - HERE

Thigh High Boots - HERE                    Strap Bra -  HERE

Camel Knit - HERE                             Grey Turtleneck - HERE

Current favourites from webshops I am really craving for. Definitely gonna get many of them. Such a fan of khaki, nude and camel tones right now. So glad that neutrals will be still in fashion during Spring, with a bit of lighter shades of course. 


Hetkelised lemmikud netipoodidest, kindlasti hangin neist mitu. Khaki, beez ja kaamlitoon on praegu kõige lemmikumad toonid. Väga hea meel näha, et need neutraalsed toonid on jätkuvalt in ka kevadel, kuigi veidi heledamate varjunditega. 


Coat - Bershka, Sneakers - Nike Air Force 1, Jeans - Dr.Denim, Bag - Calvin Klein, Dress - BikBok

Not so many options on what to wear during Winter. Basically all you can change is your jeans and the coat you wear. Snapped those quick photos on the weekend before driving back to Viljandi with J. There is only one way to wear a dress casually during Winter and not freeze - with jeans. Can be any colour and even wide cut, just try to match the dress with the coat or the colour of the jeans with the dress and yup, that many options actually. Also if you have a loose fit dress like I do on the photos then just pile up tank tops and shirts under it to be even more warm. I'm really sounding like a cold-a-phobic on this blog lately hahah.

I'm gonna be in Tallinn until Friday and have fun with hon. Soon it's time to get serious with school again..

Have a great start of the week! <3


Latest photos from my Instagram, the ones I haven't posted on blog.

Follow me - @merylmgi

Have a great Sunday all! <3


Hand cream, facial cream and lip balm by Tilk!

Hello dears, I'm back with another beauty post! Gonna tell you about my winter favourites that keep my skin soft and silky during those pinchy cold days.

All the basics you need to stay moisturized during wintertime are provided by Estonian own brand Tilk!. So many things I love about those products. For a frequent plane traveller like me the size is so perfect. The design is also so eye-catching and the hand and facial cream are both so foamy. Since the herbs for the creams are collected from Saaremaa, the island where I was born, I like them even more haha! So more about each of them.

First, the facial cream I picked is for dry skin. Eventhough I do not have really dry skin, I get some dry spots now and then (e.g. my nose) and I think a little extra moisture is good during cold. It blends so well and again this foamy texture feels so nice on the skin. Another thing is that it smells soooo goood, it smells like citrus but isn't that strongy sour. I just wanna eat this cream up!

Then another thing I picked was the hand cream. Ah you need hand cream girls, your hands and cleavage are gonna be the first things ageing so we need to take care of them. The hand cream is basically the same as the facial one - foamy, feels light and nice and also smells like heaven, but not as citrus but something I can't even describe, a totally new kind of aroma for me. Ah so good! It also feels a bit greasy so you can tell your hands get a great dose of moisture.

And the lip balm, again something I would eat up if I could. It's like a mix of gingerbread and candy. The balm gives you a nice nude coloured gloss and makes the lips so silky. Always in my handbag from now on.

The best thing about Tilk! is that it's all bio. Made 100% in Estonia, but they ship across the world! Just pick out your favourite products in their e-shop HERE. You'll love them! 


Hei vahvad, olen tagasi järjekordse ilupostitusega! Seekord räägin teile oma talvelemmikutest, mis hoiavad mu naha pehme ja siidisena nende näpistavalt külmade ilmadega.

Kõik, mida põhiliselt vajad talviseks niistuseks saab meie oma Eesti brändilt Tilk!. Mulle meeldivad nii paljud asjad nende toodete juures. Kuna reisin väga tihti lennukiga on nende potsikute suurus ideaalne resimiseks. Ka nende toodete diain on nii pilkupüüdev ning nii näo- kui ka kätekreem on nii mõnusalt vahused. Kuna ürdid nende toodete valmistamiseks on korjatud Saaremaalt, kus ma olen sündinud, meeldib Tilk! mulle veel enam haha! Nii nüüd kõigist kolmest natuke juttu.

Esiteks, näokreem mille valisin on kuivale nahale. Kuigi mul tegelikult kuiv nahk pole, siis vahest ikka tekivad näkku mõned väiksed kuibvad kohad (näiteks mul ninale) ja üldse ma arvan, et nägu vajab veidi rohkem niisutust niisuguste külmade ilmadega nagu praegu. Kreem imendub hästi ning selle vahune tekstuur on väga kerge ja mõnus. Teine asi on see, et see lõhnab niiii niii hästi, nagu sidrun, aga mitte ka päris nii hapu. Sööks selle kreemi ära kohe!

Teine asi, mis välja valisin oli kätekreem. Oi neiud, teil peab olema kätekreem olemas, sest teie käed ja dekoltee on esimesed asjad, mis vananema hakkavad ning nende eest peab juba praegu hoolitsema. Kätekreem on põhimõtteliselt sama, mis näokreem - vahuline, kerge ja lõhnab nii hästi, aga mitte nagu sidrun, vaid midagi muud. Lõhnab nagu midagi täiesti uut mu jaoks ja oh kui hästi! Kätele kandes on see veidi rasvasem nii et tunned, et käed saavad hea doosi niisutust. 

Ja huulepalsam, jällegi midagi, mille ma pintslisse pistaks kui saaks. Lõhnab nagu mix piparkookidest ja kommidest. Palsam annab ilusa nude värvi läike ja teeb huuled kenasti siidiseks. Kindel asi mu käekotis edaspidi. 

Parim asi Tilk! toodete juures on see, et nad on täielikult bio. 100% Eestis tehtud, aga saadavad tooteid üle maailma! VAli välja oma lemmikud nende e-poest SIIN. Oi sulle hakkavad nad meeldima!

In collaboration with Tilk!


My lovely company. Always fun with them!

One of the best things about visiting home has become the dinners with J and his mom. So looking forward each time and every time it's a different restaurant. Last night we went to restaurant Korsaar in Tallinn, which was this pirate ship looking place with a lot of seafood to choose from. It is incredible how much they have paid attention to details there and how amazing everything looks. Even the wine glasses have skeletons and forks looks like some weird hooks. The guy working there said they built this place for 2 years straight. I recommend everyone to go because this restaurant is a sight itself and the food is good! nnnNow I know that I will be juggling between Viljandi and Tallinn until 4th of February. Had so much trouble with booking that I will be a little late with my return to Sweden but oh well, good students handle everything haha!


Hat - BikBok, Boots - Timberland's, Jeans - Dr. Denim, Faux Fur - Balmain x H&M, Sweater - Lindex (SS16), Bag - Calvin Klein

I love taking photos in the snow! Everything looks so white and the pictures come out clean and clear. Wearing my everyday casual winter uniform. It is so frosty cold outside, it was painful for the nose to take the photos. I know my outfit isn't -20 degree proof (although the faux fur is amazingly warm) but I really have to pay credits to people doing sports and doing outdoors stuff in this cold, you are true Nordics haha, I am probably born in the wrong climate with my toleration..

Anyway spent the weekend with my exams and my love, he came to visit me this time. Today we also went to Paul's studio to take some photos, you'll see them soon here. While I was doing the photoshoot, J sat by the fireplace the whole time hahah. No really this winter is winter in its true form - beautiful to look at but kills your face.

I am personally terrified over stray animals right now. I see cats running around the house, trying to find warmth under cars and whenever I can I try to let them inside my apartment's corridor, because first I don't absolutely care about my neighbours opinion over that and second I might save the cat this way. I feel like all of you should keep your eyes open for strays and try to help them keep warm any way you can, not to mention making sure your own doggie is warm.

Hugs! xx


Up: 1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE, 4. HERE
Down: 1. HERE, 2. HERE, 3. HERE

As promised, my current favourite shoe in different net shops. I decided to show you where to get all the different kinds - high-heeled, low-heeled, different colours and different location of the lace-up. Trust me when I say these boots are worth the investment, because we all should invest into all things beautiful AND comfortable. I myself own the third ones (tan coloured) in upper row and really fell for the side lace now. 



I'm wearing: Lace-Up Boots - Nelly, Dress - Ginatricot, Coat - Missguided (borrowed from Kätriin)

Although a bit lower quality (indoors and new lens to get used to with), Kätriin and I are back again with another match-and-show photoshoot! Before we have better photos taken we decided to go shooting by ourselves with a little help from J. Thanks for taking the time hon!

So this time we are showing you how to make lace-up boots look really classy and how to wear them when going out. They are currently on sale everywhere so I will post some links for you in near days where to get them. I wore lace-ups on New Year's Eve and they are one of the comfiest heeled shoes I've known, one of the best buys in 2015 definitely! I love how mine and Kätriin's style really can match on photos eventhough we have differences. We really clique well, that's why she's my favourite gal to shoot with. Hope you like the outfits! <3

Stay tuned for more to come (with awesome quality this time) and check out Kätriin's blog (HERE) tomorrow to see what she's wearing on the photos. Oh and by the way, how do you like the long coat I'm wearing? Should I buy this? Help me decide! :) 

Also let us know if you like this kind of collaborations? As in us showing the same style but in slightly different ways?



Hey you all! Long time again, but now I decided to gather everything about holidays and 2015 in one post, so here goes.


Christmas had the same pattern as each year - first we had dinner with Joonas's cousins and family and then we had dinner at my place with my family and our family friends. I love Christmas so much, it's one of these times during a year where I actually get to relax with 0 thoughts in my head, recieve and gve lovely presents and see everyone from Joonas's family and mine. I am a bit sad that some traditions can never happen again though. Christmas is also special lately because me and Joonas are definitely in the same town and country during that time and we get to lay in bed and eat and eat and eat haha! I am very thankful for everyone for their presents and lovely time! In the previous post you can see what new friends I got for Christmas to take into 2016 with me! 


On 28th and 29th I watched J's indoor tournament for the whole two days (they won again yay!) and then we had to decide where we should stay uring New Year's Eve. Last minute we decided to head back to hometown from Tallinn and go to my friend's place where they had quite a few people and my two best girls. We had such a cool time there eating, drinking, playing games and when the clock stroke 00:00 we were watching the city's fireworks on top of the roof. I was so happy to kiss my best friend and the most big hearted guy on 00:00 for 3 years in a row now. Since I had lace-up heels on he carried me on and back from the slippery roof and held me tightly during fireworks and hugging others so I wouldn't slip haha! We headed out around 2am and then went home afterwards. 


So 2015..I was considering taking one of those questionnaires off the internet to recall 2015 through those, might still even to it but now I decided to just briefly wrap it up here.

So 2015 for me was a year of learning and big changes. From January on, it was the very first time I was living completely alone in a foreign country because J had left to Estonia to play football there and well university went on so I had no choice. At first it was really devastating since we had just had an amazing year living together in Sweden and now suddenly I was alone. I was lucky to be 100% familiar with everything in Sweden so it wasn't too hard but it took some time getting used to definitely. I noticed I was quite reliable on J until then, but now that I look back, I am grateful for this. I am really happy I get to experience the normal student life and live with housemates, because I previously thought I will never get to experience this when living in my own apartment with J. I learned so much about responsibility, managing stuff alone and myself. During the year I've had many housemates since the beautiful house is for 5 people, they were all great in their own funky way and I clicked the most with the last ones (some of them moved away now, some stayed). I made some amazing new friends that way. I really feel like I needed this big change to grow up more and find out how to spend time alone for a longer time if needed. I am truly sad to be in a long-distance relationship again of course, seeing each other in 2-3 months isn't fun and cake always but we've been there before and I'm glad to know that we match both in long-distance and while living together. I am thankful for everything and that everything turned out well eventhough it seemed like the end of the world at that time haha!

2015 was also the year my blog began to have a wider audience. Until June my readers were mainly outside Estonia and my friends, but after the Blogging Awards the readers numbers boomed. My blog was also shown on TV3 news together with an interview they made with me and my blogger girls back home. I guess that helped a lot haha! So Summer was very busy with the blog and 2015 was definitely the year I started to be noticed a lot. I was so pleasently surprised that some girls knew my name before I could introduce myself, just because of the blog haha! I have to be so grateful for the people backing me up, helping me take photos, for my readers and the ones who have promoted me everywhere, you made 2015 a very very fun year for blogging! 

2015 wasn't colourful in adnventures. I had my fair share of events, trips and stuff that happened, but I didn't get to travel. It's the footballer girlfriend thing..when you have time off school he doesn't have his vacation and when he has his vacation, I'm having crazy times at school. We really were planning to take a nice tropical trip somewhere but just couldn't match our times in any way. So a promise into 2016 will be to make a gap inside schoolwork and actually go on a holiday when J has a break from football. We need this soooo bad! What I liked about 'stuff to do in 2015' was watching the football games during Summer from a new stadium and meeting the new teammates and their girlfriends in the vip room. Football definitely makes me happy, I enjoy it to the fullest especially when J is on the field and good food is around haha! 

So in the end I wouldn't call 2015 the best year yet. I've had better, but it was an important year in my life. I've grown as a person the most during 2015 than any other year and I've had huge changes in life and in blogging and everything I love to do. I've made precious new friends and had sooo many enjoyable moments with everyone. I am greateful for all the friends, pets and people close to me that are all backing me up with each move I make. I've gotten a bucket full of motivation and my studies are going so smoothly, I have nothing to whine about at all! Okay I do..I have stressed tooo much about exams and everything else happening in life that I've been sick half of the year on and off. In 2016 I need to slow down and take life less seriously and be calm about everything because it always turns out fine. I am really tired of getting cold all the time, but I hope that's a past now.
Can't wait what 2016 holds for me! I already know it's gonna be easier and so much more amazing and eventful!  


Oh hi here it is already, and it's already 5th too. I have been too lazy during those first days of 2016 and because it's basically minus 20 outside. Yesterday had a photoshoot with my girl Kätriin again. This time not with a photographer but by ourselves but I still like the results (coming soon on blog). Now the first task this year is to complete my exams and after 12th I'm free to enjoy my last days of holidays to the fullest. And another task is to get rid of that annoying cough I've gotten lately. Enjoy your week and talk to you soon! <3